German shepherd starved to the brink of death and abandoned on road

Earlier this week, someone discovered a starved German shepherd who was abandoned on a road in central Arkansas. The good Samaritan who made the disturbing discovery initially feared that the motionless dog had been hit by a car…as it turned out, the dog was simply too weak to move.

The abandoned, skeletal dog was rushed to the Jacksonville Animal Shelter, who in turn rushed him to an emergency veterinarian for critical, life-saving care. Rocky Ridge Refuge, who is shared this emaciated dog’s plight, recounted the German shepherd’s dismal condition and what was initially recommended to the shelter staff:

 After the first night at vet, the shelter was told to consider euthanasia, as his chances looked so bleak. But Hedy Wuelling, the shelter director, felt he deserved more time. He is a young dog and tests have shown that he has no disease or issue apparent to cause the extreme emaciation. All evidence points to deliberate starvation at this point. Over the last few days he has managed to hold his head up and eat and drink a bit on his own. Still too weak to sit or stand on his own, but definitely improving.

The badly neglected dog, dubbed “Apollo,” will be moved to Rocky Ridge Refuge for care once he is stabilized, but it is unknown, due to his extraordinarily poor state of health, when that will be. In the meantime, donations can be made to the animal shelter which is fighting for his life (or directly to the veterinary hospital).

Information as follows:

He is at Dr. Misak’s (Jacksonville Animal Hospital) where an account has been set up for him under the name Apollo. If you would like to donate to Apollo’s care, please go by Dr. Misak’s, or you can donate via Paypal at Your donation is tax deductible and 100% will go to Apollo’s vet bills. Thank you!

(Images via Rocky Ridge Refuge)

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Touch and go for severely injured dog found beneath train

A severely injured dog, starving and near death, was found beneath a train in Perry County, Kentucky, this weekend. The Coonhound, dubbed “Rooney,” was picked up and transported for emergency veterinary care under the wing of the Arrow Fund.

The non-profit agency described Rooney’s dismal condition:

The maggot infestation and nests were unlike anything I have seen. Layers upon layers of maggots embedded in his skin. We ended up having to shave this baby over a drain to try to get the majority of them off. His wounds are many and severe. Infection is present. We are fighting hard to keep his temperature up. It has been 91.3 for most of the day, it is now at 94.5, still cold. He has a bear hugger on him to help him. A technician is assigned just to watch him.

An ultrasound revealed that the starving dog had resorted to eating rocks beneath the train out of sheer desperation…Rooney has low blood counts and has required blood and plasma transfusions. Suffice to say, Rooney’s condition is literally “touch and go.”

Rooney’s condition remains critical – he is, however, receiving the best possible treatment and care. Individuals hoping to help the Arrow Fund cover Rooney’s veterinary expenses can make a donation:

Donations can be made to and checks may be mailed to The Arrow Fund P.O.Box 1127 Prospect, Kentucky 40059.

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One pup didn’t survive infestation – another struggling and owner is charged

One puppy, seized from a man in New York, was so severely infested with fleas that it did not survive and another is struggling to live. According to the SPCA serving Erie County NY, Timothy Strobele of Sage Avenue in Buffalo is facing multiple animal cruelty charges for the condition of his pets.severe flea infestation

On August 3, the animal welfare agency updated its Facebook followers about the case:

Resting comfortably today after a long few weeks are the puppies rescued yesterday with severe flea infestations. Sadly, one puppy did not survive, and another is still in critical condition. Six pups are responding well to treatment, and three adults are still in ICU.

In a press release the SPCA stated:

The animals were rushed to the SPCA’s 300 Harlem Rd., West Seneca shelter infirmary where members of the Veterinary Department are removing the fleas, examining the dogs, administering fluids, giving baths, and more. One young puppy estimated to be five weeks old is in critical condition and oxygen is being administered.

The man accused of the extreme neglect of his pets will have to appear in court on September 14.

Recently, the BC SPCA highlighted the plight of a dog named “Rascal” who also nearly died from a severe flea infestation – the dog lost 85 percent of his blood from the blood-sucking parasites. Read the story here.

(Images via SPCA serving Erie County NY)

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Abandoned – saddest dog is just a walking skeleton

On July 22, an abandoned dog, so thin that he was described as a “walking skeleton,” was found on a woman’s porch in Georgia. The woman reached out to the non-profit organization, Carpathia Paws, for help.

The badly neglected dog was picked up and rushed to a veterinary hospital for desperately needed care. The abandoned dog has been given a name, “Roosevelt,” and for likely the first time in his life, he is experiencing love and receiving care.

Photos and updates about Roosevelt are being shared with followers of Roosevelt’s own Facebook. On July 23, Roosevelt’s dismal condition and pitiful weight was noted:

That’s the condition he was found in, only 20 pounds, severely emaciated .. just dumped like a piece of trash 😪😪. We immediately rushed him to Cedar Animal Hospital in Richmond Hill.

On Monday, an update about Roosevelt’s progress was posted:
This is truly the saddest pooch in a very long time .. the eyes say it all 😪😪😪 want to hurt the person that did this to him!!! He is so afraid of the hand but then so relieved that the touch doesn’t hurt … no telling what happened to him .
He ate 4 meals since he left the clinic today ..the rest of the last one he wanted to hide ..assured him that he will get a fresh one when he is hungry again . This is so sad to see him like this …. 😪😪😪 He prefers to lay on the pee pads instead of his comfy doggie bed … this is most likely more comfort than he ever had.
Roosevelt is finally in good hands – if you are interested in making a donation towards his care, you will find his fundraiser here.
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Suffering dog choked to death while trying to reach shade on hot day

A 23-year-old man in Great Falls, South Carolina, has been arrested after his dog choked to death while trying to reach the shade on a scorching hot day in July. According to Sunday’s publication of the Island Packet, a pit bull, secured by a heavy chain in his owner’s yard, was so desperate to reach some type of shelter from the blistering sun, that he choked to death.

His owner, identified as Keon Torrance Gladden, is facing a charge of ill treatment of animals for the July 10 incident. Officers who responded to the residence found the dog bloated and covered in flies and maggots – two empty dishes were nearby, as was a bush, which the dog was apparently trying to reach. One of the dishes was “dry and dusty,” indicating that the dog tethered out on the 90-plus degree day did not have any access to water.

One of the dishes was “dry and dusty,” indicating that the dog tethered out on the 90-plus degree day did not have any access to water. The dog had a dog house in the yard – but the chain that he was tethered to did not reach the shelter.

Amazingly, this isn’t the first report of a dog dying after being left to suffering in the heat – recently, two dogs in Toledo, Ohio, died outside in their yards. The dogs had no access to shelter – no way to escape the intense heat of the summer sun.

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Cookie’s foster family prepared for the day when she went to her forever home, but the adopters failed to show! Nicki, the foster mom, scrambled to find their phone number. But when she looked closer at Cookie’s file, she was absolutely stunned by what she saw written on the pages.
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Couple charged in case of dog who starved to death

A couple in Iowa has been charged in an animal cruelty case involving a young dog who was starved to death. According to Tuesday’s QC Times, 27-year-old Troy Worby,  and his wife, Reille, co-owned the two-and-a-half-year-old shepherd mix, dubbed “Hope,” who died not long after being abandoned in mid-February.

Hope was discovered abandoned by a dumpster outside of the Friends of the Animals shelter – aside from her obvious skeletal state, Hope’s body had urine burns and she was covered in feces. The condition of her body indicated that she had been confined in a small space for an extended period of time.

Hope was taken to a veterinary clinic by a Tipton Police Officer, but she died not long after her arrival. Troy Worby is charged with animal neglect causing death, as well as a charge for abandonment of an animal. His wife is facing a charge for animal neglect causing death.

After Hope died, a necropsy was performed on her body – the results confirmed that she died of starvation and dehydration. According to the QC Times, Troy Worby admitted that he frequently forgot to feed his dog.

(Tipton Police Dept. photo)




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Screenshot (1207)

Skin and bones dog left chained out in the cold

Owners of a neglected dog dubbed “Buster,” will likely face criminal charges for the conditions they forced their pet to exist in. The skin and bones dog was discovered in Howell, New Jersey, on the end of a chain, no food or water in sight – forced to suffer in the harsh cold and rain. According to the Monmouth County SPCA, Buster “barely resembled a dog.”

On February 13, the shelter described the pitiful conditions which Buster had endured before help arrived:

Last week, an anonymous call was made to Animal Control in Howell, who quickly notified the Law Enforcement Division of the Monmouth County SPCA. When we arrived on scene, we saw an animal that once may have resembled a dog, but was now skin and bones, barely able to stand and looking completely out of hope. Buster had been chained outside in the harsh cold and rain with no shelter and no visible food or water. Buster was completely emaciated and dehydrated and at first glance, his future looked very grim.

After being released from his chain, rescuers rushed Buster to MCSPCA where a medical team jumped into action to help. Buster was provided with IV fluids and pain relievers for his visibly swollen joins. During his veterinary assessment, it was discovered that Buster was infested with fleas, suffering from both ear and skin infections and his mouth was full of “rotted teeth.”

Buster’s life of suffering and misery is gone – today he is recuperating in a quiet environment where he is surrounded by people who care for him. His many maladies are being treated and he is being provided with comforts that he could have never previously imagined.

Donations to help Buster with his ongoing veterinary needs can be made at this link to the shelter.

The Monmouth County SPCA addressed the charges which Buster’s former owners will be facing and commented on donations for his ongoing care:

Our Law Enforcement team works hard to make sure cruelty like this is brought into the light. Buster’s former owners will be facing criminal charges so that he can be brought to justice. All money donated towards Buster will go directly to his treatment. If we raise more than the cost of the care for Buster, you can rest easy knowing your donation will help another animal just like him!

(Photo via Monmouth County SPCA)

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Emaciated dog has died

Tragic update on emaciated dog rescued from life on a chain

A tragic update has been released about an emaciated dog who was rescued from a miserable existence on the end of a chain. The dog, dubbed “Ruby,” was taken in by the Ohio SPCA and treated for the multitude of maladies caused by her sad life of neglect.

Unfortunately, despite finally being offered love and care, the toll of being starved for so long claimed her life. ABC 6 reported that Ruby was euthanized on Monday after a surgery was performed to help correct an intestinal issue which had manifested from her ongoing starvation.


The Ohio SPCA notified Facebook followers of the devastating loss shortly after Ruby’s death:

Heaven has gained an angel. At approximately 3:45 a.m. this morning, the battle became too much for Ruby. The heartbreaking decision was made to let her cross the Rainbow Bridge. Victoria was with her and held Ruby close and told her how much she was loved. Three MedVet technicians were also with her. One had a hand on her and the other two held a front paw. Ruby crossed the Bridge peacefully.

The shelter has indicated that they are fighting to see Ruby’s abusers face serious repercussions for the ongoing neglect. The Ohio SPCA stated:

Ruby’s case appears to still not be in the correct hands in order for a felony charge to be filed. We are making sure that it is. Contrary to what a law enforcement official believes, this was serious harm done to a companion animal which means the owner should be charged with a 5th degree felony. Hopefully, we will have more answers by tomorrow. We are not giving up.

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(photos via Ohio SPCA)

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Body of emaciated dog found in trash

A press release has been issued by the RSPCA regarding the discovery of an emaciated, young pit bull who was discarded in the trash. According to the animal welfare agency, the skeletal remains were found in a bag in South East London by someone walking a dog on January 28.

The young dog, estimated to be around one year of age, was found in Fairlawn Garages in Cherry Orchard Estate, Charlton. RSPCA Inspector Callum Isitt said:

“This was a gruesome discovery for this passing woman, who was walking her children home.
The dead dog was inside a black bin bag, with his head hanging out the top.

The inspector added:

“This was a callous way to treat an animal – just chucking him away like rubbish – but what is especially concerning to me is the neglected state that the dog was in and what may have led to his death.
He was massively skinny, to the point of emaciation, and had very long nails. My guess is that it is likely he was starved to death.”

According to the authorities, the dog did not have a microchip and he was wearing a red fabric and choker-style collar. Anyone with information is asked to call the RSPCA at 0300 123 8018.

(photo via RSPCA)

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Breeder banned for 15 years after horrible conditions were found at facility

A breeder has been slapped with a 15 year ban after investigators found horrible conditions for the dogs who were in her care. On Friday, the Scottish SPCA (SSPCA) issued a release about the investigation which led to the ban on 55-year-old Morag Jackson of Stonehouse.

According to the SSPCA, there were 36 dogs and puppies who had been forced to live in two wooden sheds and a garage. Inspector Joanne Boyle stated, ”

“A West Highland terrier hidden away in a carrier had a severe skin complaint and also had alopecia. She had no access to light, food or water. The canines were being kept in disgusting conditions, the bedding was soaked with urine and there was a lot of feces.”16473891_10154065563606876_1251463902124767155_n

In addition to the poor living conditions, the investigation revealed that the dogs had been forced to consume filthy water and food tainted with “debris.” Inspector Boyle commented on the poor condition of the dogs who had been in Jackson’s care:

“The dogs had a series of health ailments which could have been easily treated with veterinary treatment. A number of the dogs had a lice infestation and bad skin conditions which would have been causing them a lot of pain and discomfort.

Jackson had attempted to appeal the court’s decision, but she lost her bid to continue breeding. Inspector Boyle said:

“We welcome the fact that Jackson has been dealt with by the court and the sentence handed down. We hope she will give serious consideration about her suitability to care for other animals in the future.

“Thankfully, the dogs have now received the proper treatment and have made a full recovery.”

(Photos via SSPCA Facebook page)