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German shepherd starved to the brink of death and abandoned on road

Earlier this week, someone discovered a starved German shepherd who was abandoned on a road in central Arkansas. The good Samaritan who made the disturbing discovery initially feared that the motionless dog had been hit … Read More

Touch and go for severely injured dog found beneath train

A severely injured dog, starving and near death, was found beneath a train in Perry County, Kentucky, this weekend. The Coonhound, dubbed “Rooney,” was picked up and transported for emergency veterinary care under the wing … Read More

One pup didn’t survive infestation – another struggling and owner is charged

One puppy, seized from a man in New York, was so severely infested with fleas that it did not survive and another is struggling to live. According to the SPCA serving Erie County NY, Timothy … Read More

Abandoned – saddest dog is just a walking skeleton

On July 22, an abandoned dog, so thin that he was described as a “walking skeleton,” was found on a woman’s porch in Georgia. The woman reached out to the non-profit organization, Carpathia Paws, for … Read More

Suffering dog choked to death while trying to reach shade on hot day

A 23-year-old man in Great Falls, South Carolina, has been arrested after his dog choked to death while trying to reach the shade on a scorching hot day in July. According to Sunday’s publication of … Read More

Couple charged in case of dog who starved to death

A couple in Iowa has been charged in an animal cruelty case involving a young dog who was starved to death. According to Tuesday’s QC Times, 27-year-old Troy Worby,  and his wife, Reille, co-owned … Read More

Skin and bones dog left chained out in the cold

Owners of a neglected dog dubbed “Buster,” will likely face criminal charges for the conditions they forced their pet to exist in. The skin and bones dog was discovered in Howell, New Jersey, on the … Read More

Tragic update on emaciated dog rescued from life on a chain

A tragic update has been released about an emaciated dog who was rescued from a miserable existence on the end of a chain. The dog, dubbed “Ruby,” was taken in by the Ohio SPCA and … Read More

Body of emaciated dog found in trash

A press release has been issued by the RSPCA regarding the discovery of an emaciated, young pit bull who was discarded in the trash. According to the animal welfare agency, the skeletal remains were found … Read More

Breeder banned for 15 years after horrible conditions were found at facility

A breeder has been slapped with a 15 year ban after investigators found horrible conditions for the dogs who were in her care. On Friday, the Scottish SPCA (SSPCA) issued a release about the investigation … Read More