Saddest dog abandoned on porch

Abandoned – saddest dog is just a walking skeleton

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On July 22, an abandoned dog, so thin that he was described as a “walking skeleton,” was found on a woman’s porch in Georgia. The woman reached out to the non-profit organization, Carpathia Paws, for help.

The badly neglected dog was picked up and rushed to a veterinary hospital for desperately needed care. The abandoned dog has been given a name, “Roosevelt,” and for likely the first time in his life, he is experiencing love and receiving care.

Photos and updates about Roosevelt are being shared with followers of Roosevelt’s own Facebook. On July 23, Roosevelt’s dismal condition and pitiful weight was noted:

That’s the condition he was found in, only 20 pounds, severely emaciated .. just dumped like a piece of trash 😪😪. We immediately rushed him to Cedar Animal Hospital in Richmond Hill.

On Monday, an update about Roosevelt’s progress was posted:
This is truly the saddest pooch in a very long time .. the eyes say it all 😪😪😪 want to hurt the person that did this to him!!! He is so afraid of the hand but then so relieved that the touch doesn’t hurt … no telling what happened to him .
He ate 4 meals since he left the clinic today ..the rest of the last one he wanted to hide ..assured him that he will get a fresh one when he is hungry again . This is so sad to see him like this …. 😪😪😪 He prefers to lay on the pee pads instead of his comfy doggie bed … this is most likely more comfort than he ever had.
Roosevelt is finally in good hands – if you are interested in making a donation towards his care, you will find his fundraiser here.
Follow Roosevelt’s progress at his Facebook page here.
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10 replies
  1. Kathleen Drude says:

    Thank you for saving this little man! He deserves to know what it is to be loved and cared for! Please give him a forever home where he will be able to finally know peace and safety!

  2. Cynthia Como says:

    How heartbreaking! Roosevelt has suffered horribly. The brutal suffering of our nations dogs is on my mind all day, every day,no matter how hard I try to keep the thoughts at bay it’s always there! My soul is so very tortured by the fact that I can’t make it stop. This beautiful little soul will hopefully find that loving,forever home he and all dogs deserve

  3. Darla says:

    It’s breaking my heart to read that he’s trying to save his meals in case he doesn’t get another one, and that he’s laying on the pee pads rather than the comfy bed. I hope the rest of his life he never has to worry about another meal, where he’s going to lay, or if he’s going to be hurt. I effing hate the person to abused him.


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