Couple charged in case of dog who was starved to death

Couple charged in case of dog who starved to death

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A couple in Iowa has been charged in an animal cruelty case involving a young dog who was starved to death. According to Tuesday’s QC Times, 27-year-old Troy Worby,  and his wife, Reille, co-owned the two-and-a-half-year-old shepherd mix, dubbed “Hope,” who died not long after being abandoned in mid-February.

Hope was discovered abandoned by a dumpster outside of the Friends of the Animals shelter – aside from her obvious skeletal state, Hope’s body had urine burns and she was covered in feces. The condition of her body indicated that she had been confined in a small space for an extended period of time.

Hope was taken to a veterinary clinic by a Tipton Police Officer, but she died not long after her arrival. Troy Worby is charged with animal neglect causing death, as well as a charge for abandonment of an animal. His wife is facing a charge for animal neglect causing death.

After Hope died, a necropsy was performed on her body – the results confirmed that she died of starvation and dehydration. According to the QC Times, Troy Worby admitted that he frequently forgot to feed his dog.

(Tipton Police Dept. photo)




Adorable video – watch a little boy sing a lullaby to his dog (click here).

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34 replies
  1. pennysdachshund says:

    Putrid Bastard didn’t forget to feed HIS OWN FACE DID HE !!! What about the BITCH HE CO OWNED POOR LITTLE HOPE with … THESE MORON’s NEED to BE STERILIZED so as to not PROCREATE!!! They are on the low end of the Gene Pool!!! IN other Words SHIT FOR BRAINS!!!!

  2. Debbie Dearmore says:

    This is getting ridiculous put these murderers in prison they don’t deserve to breathe the air we do. The laws need to get harsher and then maybe these assholes will quit this murdering these poor babies. You give someone 5 years for a joint of pot on them and slap these murderers a slap on the hand. Where is the justice. Just saying.

  3. Star Shelley says:

    Lord, please love this poor soul who this low life responsible humans did to him. Run free my sweetie. So sorry your human fail you. I hope this two have nightmares for ther rest of their misable lifes.

  4. nancy drago says:

    they are the spawn of Satan. No bad human does anything half that bad. That was one of God’s creatures he put on this earth. They need to go to jail and be in general population. Most inmates don’t like shit like this. That poor baby suffered a long, slow death. There is no time to fit their crime.

  5. susispot says:

    Charging someone doesn’t give me any comfort. Knowing what we seen in the past, it is only a formality. They will get a finger shaking in their face and sent on their way. Justice for this dog will not be seen in our courts.

  6. jeanette says:

    how can a person forget to feed an animal. they should be put away in jail and told Not to have any pets as long as they live.

  7. Kathleen Drude says:

    He forgot to feed his dog! Lets hear it for another stupid white man! And before anyone starts screaming prejudice let me clarify this statement! I’m white and I’m not remotely prejudiced I hate all humans with a few exceptions equally! I think the human race is a joke! The statement this jackass made, he has a wife I guess she forgot too! Someone needs to see you forget about feeding your own faces! Let the punishment fit the crime!

  8. Barkley's Mom says:

    I’m so glad they are finding the monsters that are doing these things, now is it too much to ask that they get some sort of meaningful punishment? Let’s not allow Hope to have died in vane. We need to get these monsters off the streets and keep them away from animals! It breaks my heart that someone can do this to their faithful pet!

  9. Nancy Raymond says:

    O Troy & Reille Worby – You two are so lucky I don’t live in Iowa – I promise I would be hunting you down and give you both the punishment you so well deserve – it would be painful, long lasting and fatal. And I would thoroughly enjoy it.

  10. Darla says:

    I live about an hour from the town where this happened. If I had known anything about it, I would have rescued that poor baby. Someone on Facebook posted the POS woman is a TEACHER at an elementary school in Cedar Rapids (the area where I live). That b*tch does not deserve to live, much less be around CHILDREN. How do you forget to feed a dog? RIP Hope. I’m sorry for your suffering.

  11. Sherry says:

    Skin and bones doesn’t happen overnight. These liars didn’t need more than the steady deterioration of appearance of this poor pup to jog their slime ball memories. What a crock of shit. I guess they forgot to let the pup out to use the bathroom since it was apparently forced to live in its own waste. Throw the max at more creeps abusing animals. You don’t have to love them, just leave them the hell alone or don’t own one, christ Almighty. RIP to another innocent failed by heartless humans. DISGUSTING>

  12. Val says:

    What I want to know,. Didn’t anyone see what was going on and do something. These people deserve to die from starvation too. Unimaginable abuse.

  13. Joanne says:

    ???????????????????????????????????? Heartbreaking, Sad, and Horrific!!! This poor innocent pup suffered horrific abuse, agonizing starvation, despicable mistreatment, loniness, cruelty, and profound neglect! My heart bleeds for the excruciating hunger and extreme pain this precious pup suffered! Hope was constantly kept starving in a small cramped wire cage, not being able to stretch or walk or go outside to feel the grass under her paws. This pup’s name was Hope, but I’m sure she lost all “hope” a long time ago, lonely languishing in her dirty, urine filled small cage, not even being able to relieve herself. I’m sure poor Hope never had any contact with anybody, all alone in her small cage, day in and day out, so, so heartbreaking. Poor Hope, lost all hope, and probably was hoping that she would die to end her cruel existence and painful suffering. It brings me to tears how long this poor innocent pup was suffering a slow and excruciating starvation, painful mistreatment, and ultimately death. The evil heartless, soulless, and cruel sub-humans that horrifically abused and starved this poor innocent pup must be severely punished! I hope and pray these despicable and dangerous evil monsters are prosecuted to the maximum extent! We must be the voice for this precious helpless pup that suffered extreme abuse. Rest in Sweet Heavenly Peace, Angel Hope, you are now in the tender loving care of Jesus. Run and play with the Angels in Heaven’s soft fluffy clouds, and enjoy lots of yummy treats. Angel Hope, I’m praying for your DERSERVED JUSTICE and those disgusting evil monsters are severely punished! Angel Hope, you are loved and will not be forgotten. RIP, Precious Baby ❤️????????????????????????????????????❤️

  14. Janet Rockhill Schminkey says:

    This case is still pending and nothing new since they pleaded not guilty. All it takes is a lot of money to get the best lawyer and these POS’s will be off the hook and will do it again. We need to shake up Iowa and contact the judge of this case. We need to make sure these people pay for what they did. We people of Iowa need to remember this case and keep on it. We can’t let them get by with this

  15. Janet Schminkey says:

    It’s over a year later now and no jail sentences or any fines have been mentioned. They come from familys with money and perhaps bought them out of it and kept the story quiet. I have been searching the web and online courts for a year and can’t find anything. VERY UPSET!!!!

  16. pennysdachshunds says:

    WELL LET”S hope the COURT system gives them more than a months sentence and then probation!!! THIS LITTLE animal DID NOT DESERVE TO DIE LIKE THIS::: Last I looked the was America: THE USA Not India, Mexico City, or some other THIRD WORLD full of individuals who thrive on Torture, Abuse, and Cruel to Not only their Livestock, Pets, but their Spouses and Numerous offspring…


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