Heartwarming visit from orphaned elephant to her keeper after 8 years and brings her baby along

An orphaned elephant raised by the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya nearly 20 years ago, and who later joined a wild herd a few years later when full grown, returned to the trust to “say … Read More

Video of orphaned baby elephant enjoying a massage by his caretaker at wildlife sanctuary goes viral

A baby elephant orphaned by his mother lives at the Kenyan Wildlife Trust. The most adorable viral video shows the baby reciprocating the love and gentle ear massage by touching his caretaker’s face.

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Orphaned baby elephant roaming alone in national park rescued

No one knows how an orphaned baby elephant was separated from his family, but he was first spotted on Sunday morning in the area of Tsavo West National Park in Kenya. Somehow the two-month-old survived … Read More

Trapped baby elephant discovered with his trunk sticking out of deep mud

It had been Election Day in Kenya on Tuesday, and while on an evening drive, visitors to the national park of Tsavo East caught sight of a tiny elephant calf completely engulfed and bogged down … Read More