Orphaned baby elephant roaming alone in national park rescued

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No one knows how an orphaned baby elephant was separated from his family, but he was first spotted on Sunday morning in the area of Tsavo West National Park in Kenya. Somehow the two-month-old survived the night.

According to  Big Life Foundation, a non profit environmental organization,  rangers immediately arrived at the spot where the baby was spotted and found her.

“…The tiny elephant, less than two months-old, was seemingly responsive to any kindness and happy to walk with the rangers as they guided it back to their camp.”

The Kenya Wildlife Service and the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust were contacted, and within less than two hours, a Sheldrick helicopter and team were on the ground. The calf was sedated and bundled into the helicopter.

The orphaned elephant will be introduced to other baby elephants, and it is hoped one day the elephant will be released back into the wild.

Incredibly, the whole rescue operation took less than three hours. This sort of response is only possible because of our extensive ranger coverage (made possible by you our supporters, and Zoo Basel in particular on Rombo), the much appreciated partnership with SWT, and a community that cares. We all have an important part to play.

Rombo Group Ranch is located in a conservation area in the Tsavo-Amboseli; a wildlife migratory corridor, set aside  for the conservation of wildlife and development of sustainable tourism.

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