Trapped baby elephant discovered with his trunk sticking out of deep mud

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It had been Election Day in Kenya on Tuesday, and while on an evening drive, visitors to the national park of Tsavo East caught sight of a tiny elephant calf completely engulfed and bogged down in thick mud. All that could be seen was his tiny trunk which moved so slowly, but had been all that was needed to indicate the baby was still alive.

With no elephants nearby, the emergency call went out for help to the elephant keepers at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust along with the KWS Anti-Poaching team.

When rescuers arrived, it was evident the baby had been stuck in the mud for hours. Clearly the mother had tried to extract her calf, but had given up and moved away. There was still sight of a herd of elephants in the distance, and while the rescue team began to circle the mud hole, a single female elephant returned to the spot; circling from a distance and seemingly clearly agitated and worried about her baby. And as if elephants aren’t already known to be one of the smartest animals roaming our plains, she clearly understood that these humans closing in on her baby were there to help.

The teams worked quickly together and placed straps around the baby while wading knee deep in the mud. Finally they were able to pull the little guy to safety and bring him to the harder edge of the waterhole where he would finally be free. The moment the baby was on his feet, the mother elephant ran to his side.

Everyone smiled from ear to ear as the reunion between the mom and baby reunited. As the little one began to suckle from his mother, the rest of the herd called out in celebration.

On the David Sheldrick Wildllife Trust’s Facebook, the organization posted the good news. We, at Pet Rescue Report, are happy to report mom elephant and her son are doing well thanks to this awesome group.

“The ultimate happy ending

Our primary mission is to keep wild families safe and, most importantly, together. So, yesterday, when this tiny baby became stuck in mud so thick his mother couldn’t pull him out, our nearby Voi Keepers stepped in to help.

See the rescue unfold, including the joyous moment when mum and baby were reunited yesterday.”

(Photos of baby elephant and rescue courtesy of Facebook for David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi)

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8 replies
  1. Cynthia Como says:

    Such a wonderful story! I’m over the moon with elation for the safe rescue of this adorable elephant! God bless all who worked to save this baby!

  2. Solveig Pettersson says:

    Glad thé baby was rescured !!! God Job !! ???????????????? Buts so sorry about the film ! So many babies lost theres mother! !! I gess is thé TROPHY HUNTING !! Make säd ???????????? Thanks too thé rescuers ❤❤❤❤❤

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    Animals are so much smarter than humans and this is another prime example of it – THANKS to all those who rescued this little guy – hopefully, these beautiful animals will live a safe content life.

  4. Sherry says:

    What a tremendous rescue job, so god bless you guys! This is so heartwarming, as elephants are wonderful animals with such family oriented natures. I am thrilled that some are still out there fighting for animal rights and generating beautiful stories like this, as opposed to the evil doers out there cruelly killing this guys for some ivory trinkets that no-one needs. God bless you for reuniting the happy mom and son!

  5. Red says:

    FINALLY!!!! A Happy ending and a joyful story!! Thank you to all wonderful people who stepped in to save this baby!!! God bless you all!


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