Video of orphaned baby elephant enjoying a massage by his caretaker at wildlife sanctuary goes viral

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A baby elephant orphaned by his mother lives at the Kenyan Wildlife Trust. The most adorable viral video shows the baby reciprocating the love and gentle ear massage by touching his caretaker’s face.

The video was shared on Twitter by Sheldrick Wildlife, where a baby is shown enjoying a massage. The caretaker rubs the baby’s huge ears, and what really draws our attention and our hearts melt happens when the baby’s trunk gently touches the man’s face.

The video was captioned:

“Acting as surrogate mothers are just one of the ways we help orphaned elephants after losing their natural mother and family.”

Sheldrick Wildlife

One day, the orphaned elephants will be returned to the wild, the sanctuary stated. And the best news of all is how the love, care and appreciation of these beautiful animals warms our hearts; especially knowing that their caretakers are the warmest and most compassionate people we have the privilege to meet (even only in a video)

Check out the video:

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