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Shepherd surrendered to crowded shelter when her owners moved away

There is little doubt that Cheyenne didn’t know she had been abandoned by her family. Sadly, she and her sweet bonded friend Saddie have been trying their best to adjust to shelter life at the … Read More

Owner complained about dog’s negative behavior before leaving him at shelter

Kofi is just two-years-old and is already on the path to be humanely euthanized if not saved by an approved rescue organization. The Lhaso Apso’s family surrendered him to Carson Animal Care Services on April … Read More

Brokenhearted dachshund surrendered to high kill shelter when family moved

When sweet Cali’s family moved to a home where pets are not allowed, the brokenhearted eight-year-old dachshund couldn’t stop hoping the Carson Animal Care Center was nothing more than a bad dream.

Cali had been … Read More

Adorable ‘low rider shepherd’ waiting for a home

Try this on for adorable; a three-year-old German shepherd with short legs. Animal advocates call him a “low rider shepherd, although he likely is a mix between a German shepherd and a Dachshund. (Maybe even … Read More

‘Landon’ surrendered because he was too old and had fleas

An approximately 12-year-old Pomeranian, named Landon has not been having a sweet retirement. Sadly, his owners surrendered him to the Carson Animal Care Center for being “too old.” In addition, Landon was covered in fleas … Read More

Bonded pair deserted at 14-years-old in desperate need of help

When their family moved, Oscar and Boba were deserted and sent to Carson Animal Care in California. The 14-year-old bonded dogs had never been away from their home or their family. And if life couldn’t … Read More

Three neglected poodles betrayed: Heartbroken siblings mourn loss of home

Three terribly neglected poodles were surrendered to the Carson Animal Care shelter on Friday. They are so overwhelmed and are in need of help. According to the shelter volunteers, the dogs will all be groomed … Read More

Family calls Animal Service to pick up their five-year-old no longer wanted Boxer

Roxy has a very sad story to tell. For five years the friendly Boxer lived with her family, but one day, they called Animal Services to pick her up. Roxy was loaded into a truck … Read More

Neglected 16-year-old Tigger left at shelter by his owner to be euthanized

A neglected 16-year-old poodle named Tigger was surrendered on Monday to Carson Animal Care. His family asked that their dog be euthanized because he was old. Of course, Tigger doesn’t understand. Once the only family … Read More

Stray Mimi found in her pink sweater but where is her family?

Sweet little Mimi showed up as a stray on January 7 and arrived at the Carson Animal Care Center in Gardena, California wearing her pink sweater, but no one knows why she didn’t have any … Read More