Video surfaces of Indonesian locals riding endangered sea turtle

A disturbing video has gone viral, showing local residents in Indonesian riding a distressed and endangered leatherback turtle.

According to Unilad, the four-minute video, taken on July 5, shows the turtle trying to get … Read More

Florida man accused of suffocating dog after losing his temper

In the city of Oviedo, an ex-boyfriend “to be” was arrested on Tuesday evening by the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office for allegedly suffocating and punching a woman’s dog after losing his temper.

According to WftvNewsRead More

Despicable woman tapes kitten to makeshift wall

A despicable woman, believed to be from Memphis, posted a short video of her kitten taped to a makeshift plastic wall on Tuesday, intended to be a divider for a hallway. As the kitten, desperate … Read More

Woman who stole a truck left dog to die from heat after she ran away

In Baton Rouge, a woman who stole a truck left running as the owner ran into a donuts shop, fled from the vehicle and left the victim’s dog inside the vehicle to die from the … Read More

It’s Monday and this dog was abandoned in Antioch

In Antioch, California, a sad mother dog was abandoned in the play yard of Antioch Animal Services. Sadly, Mondays seems to be a popular day for being dumped. No microchip nor any identification; one sweet … Read More

Two Americans gored in annual cruelty ‘running of the bulls’

Two Americans were among six human injuries in the first “running of the bulls” in Pamplona’s nine-day festival. The run lasted about two minutes. One of the injured, a tourist from San Francisco, was gored … Read More

Shelter pup Clyde is sick and needs help to see tomorrow

Clyde is a nine-year-old pittie mix who needs help to see tomorrow. He is not taking his pills for an upper respiratory infection, and therefore has been placed on the list of dogs slated to … Read More

Five drunk men terrify yearling by jumping on her back

In Turnbridge Wells, United Kingdom, five drunk men terrified a small yearling by jumping on her back either not realizing the damage or most likely not caring, the damage they could be doing to the … Read More

Animal abuser who used blowtorch on girlfriend’s cat jailed

A Calgary man, who sadistically abused a kitten and then used a blowtorch on his girlfriend’s cat, has been sentenced to two years in prison and will never again be allowed to own any pets.… Read More

Puppy that flew in cargo from China to Vancouver for 5 days died

In Vancouver, a family mourns the death of their puppy after he was left in the cargo hold of the plane for a five-day flight from China to Vancouver. When Dora arrived, she was dehydrated … Read More