Dachshund with fireworks strapped to her back rescued on New Year’s Eve

In Houston, Texas, rumors had been circulating about a small dachshund wandering in the neighborhood that had fireworks strapped to her back. The dog was too scared of humans and wouldn’t let anyone near her.… Read More

Postal worker caught on camera using pepper spray on dogs behind fence

A postal worker for the United States Postal Service has been caught on camera using pepper spray on a family’s three dogs in Dallas. The dogs were behind a reinforced fence and posed no threat  … Read More

Yelly: Pup struck and dragged by car rescued by NYC rescue

In a high kill Texas shelter, Yelly arrived in serious condition. She had been struck by a car; the tire and dirt marks on her body indicated she had been dragged for quite a distance.… Read More

Three men ride motor bikes over dirt road to harass pride of lions

In Rajkot, India, a disturbing video released on Tuesday, of three men harassing a pride of lions by chasing them on motor bikes, has gone viral as hundreds of comments from viewers continue to condemn … Read More

Former police chief vents frustrations over coward who killed 2 family dogs

A former police chief in Greenfield, Indiana vented his frustrations on Sunday aimed at the apparent coward who killed two family dogs with a shot gun and left their bodies in a field.

According to … Read More

Lost the shine in their eyes: What happens when people dump their dogs?

Rescuers are calling the dogs who have lost the shine in their eyes – “the Street Sisters”. The dogs had been roaming the streets of Dallas, Texas and scrounging for food; no one cared, until … Read More

Cruel: Missing dog found one week later covered in tar

In Nanango, Queensland, Serafina Foran had been searching for her missing dog for a week. On Sunday afternoon, he was found – covered in tar. Sadly, the dog’s physical condition was so severe, he was … Read More

Two-year-old neglected doberman failed by humans but not for long

On Saturday, a two-year-old neglected doberman arrived at a Texas animal shelter in horrible condition. His skin, infected, bright red and bleeding is likely the result of a serious demodex skin infection. Shelter staff have … Read More

Spanish hunter smiled as he tormented a wounded fox after finding it

In a disturbing  two-minute video, a Spanish hunter smiled as he tormented a wounded fox after discovering the animal hiding underneath some nearby brush. The video was posted online on Friday, although it is unclear … Read More

Thieves broke into home and tortured a dog in horrible animal cruelty act

In North Perth, Australia, thieves broke into a home  on Wednesday and tortured the family’s dog in a horrible animal cruelty act. Police are asking for the public’s help identifying the group who committed the … Read More