Tiny dog wrapped in towel and left in plastic bag on edge of road

A Good Samaritan had been on her way to work driving along DeSoto Road in Horn Lake on Friday, when she saw a plastic bag moving on the edge of the road. She stopped and … Read More

German shepherd allegedly abused by youth in viral video under investigation

A disturbing viral video of a youngster holding a German shepherd up by the dog’s rear legs and forcing him into a corner has been seized as a potential case of animal cruelty and is … Read More

Toddler found in dog kennel during animal rescue in Henry County

In Henry County, Tennessee, authorities discovered a toddler living in a dog kennel during an animal rescue mission. Henry County Sheriff’s deputies raided a single-wide mobile home on Thursday and found the one-and-a-half-year-old boy in … Read More

Houston dog laid in street dying,helpless and sick until someone cared

No one knows how long Lucy laid in the middle of a Houston street waiting and hoping someone would help her. There she was – blind, helpless, starving and dying, yet no one thought she … Read More

Zookeeper faces backlash after flaunting video riding a beluga whale

Chinese social media users of Weebo slammed a zookeeper at an aquarium after the worker shared a video on social media of himself riding a beluga whale. Animal lovers called him a “show off” and … Read More

Rescuers help nearly doomed German shepherd mom with 9 puppies

In Cedartown, Georgia, a rescue organization stepped in to help a severely injured German shepherd and her nine puppies.

Animal Control had been dispatched on Sunday to pick up a dog after she was struck … Read More

Wildlife too often suffers from the cruelty of man

In a heartbreaking report hearts were broken yesterday in Holbrook, Massachusetts when an innocent animal was captured in the steel jaws of an illegal, barbaric leg hold trap. Monday’s morning tragedy involved wildlife – just … Read More

Iowa Park man charged with kicking miniature Australian shepherd to death

In Wichita Falls, Texas, a 23-year-old man has been charged with animal cruelty after he allegedly kicked and hit a miniature Australian shepherd that reportedly bit him. Matthew Miser was arrested and bond set at … Read More

Alcohol addicted monkey who bit 250 people imprisoned for life in zoo

In New Delhi, an alcohol addicted monkey has been sentenced to life imprisonment in the Kanpur Zoo. The monkey had been going through alcohol withdrawal when it went on a mad spree – killing one … Read More

Arkansas man shoots blind dog 5 times for having accident in house

In Texarkana, Arkansas, a man is alleged to have shot a blind dog five times because it had an accident in the house earlier in the day. Charles Shuttleworth, 35, was arrested on June 10 … Read More