No one has come to his rescue: Broken little dog loses will to live

UPDATE: Rescued by Leave No Paws Behind where every life matters. bobby rescued

Little Bobby arrived at the overflowing high kill Downey Animal Shelter in California  on the eve of the 4th of July weekend. His little … Read More

Surrendered back to shelter at nearly 15-years-old, dog’s face shows her heartbreak

Years and years ago, Canela was adopted from the high kill and overcrowded Baldwin Park Shelter shelter. On July 17, she was returned – now nearly 15-years-old, heartbroken and very much aware that her family … Read More

12-year-old dog found tied to a pole in sun: Just a broken soul

In Orlando, a 12-year-old mixed breed had been found on Wednesday by Animal Control. She had been abandoned – tied to a pole and left in the sun to die. Brought to Orange County Animal … Read More

14-year-old Skipper loved by her family, but tossed away when they moved

Adopted! July 23, 2016

In San Diego, California, 14-year-old Skipper grew up with her human family’s children and enjoyed every moment of her gentle life. Never could she imagine having been deserted. Described as having … Read More

Hobbling, 14-year-old German shepherd surrendered to shelter

13726595_10154994433906258_7806403660584906129_n (1)

The toll of time is readily apparent on Katrina, a beautiful 14-year-old German shepherd, who was surrendered by her owner on July 20 to the Los Angeles County Animal Services facility in Baldwin Park, … Read More

Severely injured dog climbs steep hill to sanctuary looking for help

Severely injured and desperately in need of medical help, an extraordinarily clever dog climbed to the top of a steep mountain sensing he could find help after having been attacked by another dog, writes Eldad … Read More

Adopted as cute puppy and returned years later as an old shepherd

Nine years ago, Lobo was an adorable. fluffy puppy adopted into the eagerly awaiting arms of his new family from the Lancaster Animal Shelter in California. And this is Lobo’s latest photo – a senior … Read More

Senior Lab dumped at shelter because he wouldn’t ‘stay in his yard’

A ten-year-old senior Labrador retriever lies brokenhearted in a kennel cage at the Valencia County Animal Shelter in Los Lunas, New Mexico. Valencia Shelter dog

Surrendered to the shelter; no name given, his owner decided the dog had … Read More

Severely neglected senior shepherd essentially hidden at shelter


Sparse fur, a graying muzzle and sad eyes can be found on a 12-year-old German shepherd who is currently being held at the Downey Animal Services facility in California. The elderly shepherd, named “Precious,” … Read More

12-year-old Lab at Alabama shelter desperate for help


A 12-year-old black Labrador retriever was brought to the Colbert County Animal Shelter in Tuscumbia, Alabama on Saturday. Even though the shelter is low on funds and room, the very sweet dog immediately touched … Read More