Too old to have puppies, bulldog surrendered to high-kill shelter

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At the Stanislaus County Animal Shelter in Modesto, California, the sweetest bulldog came in as a stray on January 11. Not only is she likely a purebred, but she is also unaltered. The shelter’s best guess is that she had been used for breeding, but now that she is older, she likely was no longer producing puppies.

Animal advocate Victoria Spears tells the dog’s story:

“My heart is absolutely breaking for this poor senior Bulldog!”

“…When we saw her in her cage, she didn’t have a blanket. She was just sitting, pressed up against the cage. When we gave her a blanket, she immediately lay [sic] down on it. She then let us pet her and give her affection. This poor, sweet girl needs out of the shelter immediately.”




I am an unaltered female, brown and white English Bulldog. My age is unknown. I have been at the shelter since Jan 11, 2019. I am available for adoption or rescue on Jan 24, 2019. For more information about this animal, call Stanislaus Animal Services Agency at (209) 558-7387. Ask for information about animal ID number A511885.

Pet Harbor adoption listing: #A511885

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  1. Rescuers please come forward and get this mamma taken care of so that she can finally have her own forever home. She has been forced to produce over and over for profit for someone else and never see her pups. Give her the chance to have her forever home with loving pet parents and family.

  2. The NEW LAW passed in California about PET STORES NOT being able to Sell pups from Breeder’s ( I think a good Thing) anymore and they must be from Rescues and Shelters, MAY be the CAUSE of This Poor Girl Being Dumped… IF SO THERE will be a lot more to COMR>>> SO very Sad for the ANIMAL’s I sure hope a RESCUE will STEP up for her >>> IT would be so UNJUST that she should lose her life because the State of California is trying to PUT a STOP to the PUPPY MILL CRAP!!!!


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