Someone cut off a 3-month-old puppy’s paws: Now she is being helped

In Lake Charles, Louisiana, a three-month-old puppy was found in a box over the weekend. Her front paws had been cut off and the stumps had been wrapped tightly with duct tape.

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Emaciated pup thrown away as trash found in garbage can

In the Richmond, Virginia area of Creighton Court, an emaciated puppy was thrown away as trash. Fortunately he was found by a Good Samaritan who alerted the Richmond Animal Care and Control.

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Puppy got her head stuck in a spare tire

In Coachella, California, Riverside County Animal Services Officer Jose Cisneros responded to a rather unusual call on Friday about a trapped three-month-old puppy trapped in a spare tire.

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Canton dog gives birth to lime-green puppy

In Canton, North Carolina, a dog gave birth to a lime-green puppy last Friday. The puppy’s mother, Gypsy, a white shepherd, delivered eight puppies. The dog’s labor had been going along smoothly for three hours- … Read More

One-pound puppy dumped into Jurupa Valley dumpster

In Jurupa Valley, California, a one-pound puppy was found in a trash bag left in a dumpster on Monday. The five-week-old puppy was so small, at first rescuers thought she was a kitten.

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Person who shot puppy left collar and note in owner’s mailbox

In Poplarville, Mississippi, Chad Strickler searched for his puppy for nearly a week until he found her collar and a note in his mailbox saying the young dog named Nymeria had been shot and killed … Read More

Puppy is just 8-months-old, blind and in a high kill California shelter

An eight-month-old puppy needs the help of social media to help him find a home quickly. His name is Peppermint, and sadly he is at one of California’s highest kill facilities. Look at his eyes … Read More

Blind puppy with brain swelling after being kicked in the face rescued

In Saskatoon, a 10-week-old blind puppy with brain swelling after he was kicked in the face is making progress. On Thursday, the five-pound puppy named Christmas was able to sit up on his own and … Read More

Abandoned puppy found eating his deceased sibling trying to survive

In Atlanta, Georgia, a severely emaciated puppy was found on Friday eating one of his deceased siblings just trying to survive. A Good Samaritan spotted the puppy, along with another living litter mate, however only … Read More

Toddler died in house fire trying to save his puppy

A 23-month-old toddler from Arkansas died on Saturday night after he ran into his burning home to save his puppy while his parents desperately tried to extinguish the fire and call for help. Loki Nicholi … Read More