Train collides with a herd of donkeys, leaving multiple animals dead and dying

A tragedy unfolded on Wednesday morning in Redlands, California, when a train collided with a herd of wild donkeys that had wandered onto train tracks. Witnesses said that the Union Pacific train tried to stop, … Read More

Young shepherd watches people passing by her shelter kennel trying to find her human

At the Harris County Pets Resource Center in Houston, Texas, a pretty young German shepherd watches everyone who passes by her shelter cage hoping to find her human. On February 11, Tart was picked up … Read More

Rochel listed to be euth’ed at shelter for food aggression

Rochel is only four-years-old, however her life could end at anytime. This beautiful black and white Siberian Husky mix, with Hollywood looks, has been on the euthanasia list at the Devore Animal Shelter in California.… Read More

Young dogs surrendered by irresponsible owner for being ‘big’ facing euthanasia

Two young dogs surrendered to the Harris County Animal Shelter because they were “too big,” may suffer the consequences of an irresponsible owner. On Thursday, Baby Girl and Rocky were ushered into separate kennels because … Read More

Rescued: Starving stray dogs suffering with quills in their faces

On Sunday afternoon, two starving stray dogs suffering with porcupine quills stuck in their faces were rescued. Janine Guido, founder of Speranza Animal Rescue, received a call about the dogs found in Huntingdon County, … Read More

Last dog at Tacoma shelter and it’s heartbreaking

Autumn watches everyone pass by, watches the other dogs at the shelter being leashed up to leave with their special person, watches the children go by and the adults smile, but no one stops for … Read More

Loyal senior dog trusted her owner – only to be left at shelter

When a picture is worth a thousand words, Nola’s heartbreaking story has already been told. On Thursday, the scared senior arrived at St. Landry Animal Rescue. She arrived in a wire cage in the back … Read More

Betrayed and failed at 15-years-old, his story is hopeless

A 15-year-old King Charles spaniel has been betrayed and failed. Tragically, Murphy has been at the Southeast Area Animal Control Authority too many days and is at risk of being euthanized at any time.

At … Read More

When a dog is so defeated, her face shows her desperation

Candy’s heartbreaking photo has been making the rounds on social media. The eight-year-old brown and white American bulldog appears as if she has never had much love. Her coat is filthy, her eyes look down … Read More

California rescue has one wish for Christmas: Find Lucy a home

At the Inland Valley Humane Society and SPCA, there is one wish for Christmas, and that would be to find Lucy a home. The sweet, 50-pound “pocket pittie” has been networked, yet no one wanting … Read More