Preteen smiling intruder tortured family cat as he tried to stab family

A preteen intruder who hid in a family’s parked boat in Clinton, Iowa is alleged to have smiled and said he was “having fun” after he tortured the family cat. The homeowner, Wayne Miller, heard … Read More

Dog that tormented and chased crocodile eaten by reptile

A small terrier that tormented and chased a large crocodile for the last ten years has been eaten by the reptile on the banks of Australia’s river Adelaide. The tiny pooch, named Pippa, was famous … Read More

Orangutan faced off with bulldozer as machine destroyed one of last habitats

An orangutan faced off with a bulldozer in the Sungai Putri forest in Indonesia at one of the last habitats in the world for the animals. A video, captured by an observer, showed the heartbreaking … Read More

Florida panther attacked and killed family cat in front yard

In southwest Florida, a rare Florida panther was caught on video seen running and capturing a family cat in its jaws and then carrying it off as prey on Sunday. It has been assumed the … Read More

Oklahoma man charged with choking and beating his dog

In Oklahoma City, a dog owner is facing animal cruelty charges for choking and beating his dog in what witnesses have called a horrifying case of cruelty. One woman, on her way home from work, … Read More

Cubs orphaned after hikers shot and killed mother bear

Two bear cubs are orphans today following the fatal shooting of their mother. According to the Associated Press, hikers were confronted on Thursday by the grizzly Rocky Mountains in western Wyoming.

Few details

Few … Read More

Unbelievable: Leopard climbs makeshift ladder to escape 20-foot well

It happened in central India, and a witness captured the unbelievable scene on video as a three-year-old leopard struggled to stay afloat in a 20-foot deep well in Dhundi Village located in Madhya Pradesh.

 … Read More

Young pilot whale died in Thailand after swallowing 80 plastic bags

A young pilot whale discovered on Monday in the south of Thailand that had been receiving treatment from a team of veterinarians for nearly a week, died after heartbreaking attempts to keep it alive.  On … Read More

Idaho teacher accused of feeding puppy to snapping turtle charged

In Preston, Idaho, the teacher accused of feeding a sick puppy to a snapping turtle in front of several students has been charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty. Preston Junior High School science teacher, Robert Crosland, … Read More

Woman charged with abandoning dog and writing ‘free’ with magic marker

Ross County authorities have identified and charged the woman allegedly responsible for abandoning a young Labrador retriever puppy at Yoctangee Park in Chillicothe, Ohio.  On Friday, Kendra Stafford was charged with animal cruelty and animal … Read More