Videos posted of neighbor allegedly torturing dogs with firecrackers and water

In St. Petersburg, Florida, videos of dogs in a neighboring backyard, seemingly being tortured and abused, have gone viral as animal activists across the country show their outrage in the treatment of the dogs.

For instance – video #1

Posted by Tyler Matthew on Sunday, May 3, 2020

Tyler Matthew posted multiple videos stating the pit bulls have been mistreated claiming the dogs have been tortured with water and firecrackers. According to Tyler, the dogs are constantly barking and are never left out of their cages.

“They’ve been in the chicken coops their whole lives,” Tyler wrote.

Posted by Tyler Matthew on Sunday, May 3, 2020

“So we have neighbors (South St. Petersburg, Florida) with pit bulls in chicken coops. There’s at least 12 dogs total. They beat the cages, spray water in the dogs face, and we are still trying to catch them on video throwing firecrackers at them to get them to stop barking (which is their last resort and a daily thing they do). They have a large cage in the middle with chairs around it, I can only assume what event they’re watching in there. The neighbor has threatened my roommate, threatened to burn my house down for my neighbors reporting them last time, and worst of all the police and animal control haven’t done anything about it since. I’m out of options at this point. I can’t even enjoy sitting outside or inside because of the constant barking, and these poor dogs crying every day. Something needs to happen to this pos,” Tyler posted on Facebook.

Pinellas County Animal Services’ director Doug Brightwell, however says the dogs are in good health and nothing illegal is being done. The dogs live in wooden dog kennels and not chicken coops, and even though there is a video of someone using a hose directly on the dogs, authorities state that is not enough evidence for an animal cruelty charge.

Animal Services and police have been to the home several times after receiving reports of pit bull fights and animal hoarding, but found no proof of the alleged incidents. On Monday, the police did find three of the dogs tethered, which is now against the law. The owners immediately complied with the law.

 “The most punishment this man has received has been a ticket for tethering by animal control and a fine for too many dogs on the property by code enforcement. That’s it. The reports we made and this “investigation” with animal control and code enforcement as well as emails to the city commissioners have been ongoing for 2+ months at this point.”

According to the police report, there are four adult dogs and one litter of puppies – all with food and water. All of the dogs have their vaccinations and are licensed.

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