Defenseless puppy hurled into the air by kids branded ‘cruel and sickening’

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A defenseless puppy hurled high into the air by kids and flipped around falling into a shallow plastic pool in West Dublin, Ireland, has been branded “cruel and sickening” by disgusted neighbors.

According to the animal advocacy organization, My Lovely Horse Rescue, videos released on social media Monday showed three youths abusing the puppy by throwing it against the wall and into the pool several times. The animal welfare team in Clondalkin notified Gardai. (State Police for the Irish Republic). The videos were allegedly made weeks ago, and once they were published online, the sickening abuse went viral as animal lovers and advocates expressed their outrage at the blatant cruelty.

One distressing video showed one of the boys smiling as he carried the puppy towards the wading pool. He then threw the puppy at the wall, and the poor little pooch crashed into the concrete. He then picked up the puppy and laughed hysterically as his friends found that egregious cruelty equally amusing. The poor puppy then gets up and staggers to try and walk.


And if that wasn’t bad enough, a second video is even worse. Another boy picks the puppy up by its ears, swings it back and forth and then, as his friends cheer him on, throws the little one into the pool. The frightened puppy gets out of the pool and runs away as the video ends.

According to the Daily Mail, the dog has been located and is back in the care of his owner. An investigation continues.

Anyone with information can be given in confidence here or email [email protected]”.

Please be warned – the video is extremely distressing and is not suitable for all viewing audiences.

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  1. These boys are mental cases. The parents are failures . The dog is back with the owner? Hopefully not the same place where the weird boys live

  2. Have the boys been arrested? Does any of the children live with this puppy? This story is so lacking in information that it’s more of click bait article to get people upset and click on the article to read.
    Do better in your reporting this article is a disgrace.


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