Therapy dog ‘Raider’ comforts young victims of parents’ torture

A yellow Labrador retriever named “Raider” has comforted the young victims for the past year in the heart wrenching story about torture and abuse by their parents in a California house of horrors. Raider, a … Read More

Umpire booed when he didn’t let beloved bat dog do his job

It wasn’t a good day for an umpire, who at a Las Vegas Aviators game on on Tuesday, when fans stood up and booed their disapproval when he wouldn’t let the beloved bat dog do … Read More

Hero dog saves tiny Chihuahua from near death encounter

A hero dog saved a tiny Chihuahua this week from a near death encounter. A home security video showed what happened as the driver of a sport utility vehicle backed up.

“First I thought I

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Police K9 Titan shot by suspect running away during traffic stop

In St. Petersburg, Florida, a St. Petersburg Police Department K9 and a deputy are recovering after being shot by a suspect running away during a traffic stop on Friday morning.

According to the St. Petersburg Read More

Police dog finds two missing children in less than 15 minutes

A Virginia police dog found two missing children lost in the woods in less than 15 minutes on Saturday. According to the Powhatan Sheriff’s Office, K-9 Bane is a canine hero – no doubt about … Read More

Neighbor’s Labrador retriever saves 87-year-old woman who fell in snow

A neighbor’s alert Labrador retriever has been credited with saving the life of an 87-year-old woman who had fallen in the snow when temperatures dipped to one degree below zero in Alexandria, Minnesota. The dog, … Read More

K-9 Officer Jake sniffed ‘ecstasy’ on cruise ship inspection and fell ill

Drug sniffing dog, K-9 Officer Jake, a three-year-old Golden retriever, with the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office was rushed to a veterinary hospital after being exposed to “ecstasy” and amphetamines on Wednesday while inspecting the luggage … Read More

70 police dogs and community honor K-9 Officer Bane’s memorial

Hundreds of police officers, community members and more than 70 police dogs gathered in the South Valley of Tulare, California on Wednesday to honor the life of K-9 Officer Bane with the Tulare Police Department. … Read More

K9 Indi shot in face recovering after incident that left officer dead

A police K9 shot in the face during a traffic stop that left a Dekalb County police officer dead last week was released from Blue Pearl Veterinarian hospital on Saturday. The seven-year-old Belgian Malinois named … Read More

Clayton County K9 officer stabbed while apprehending alleged murderer

In Clayton County, Georgia, K9 Officer Odin was stabbed twice in the neck and jaw on Sunday while subduing a man alleged to have murdered his live-in girlfriend. Randy Young, 31, was arrested after police … Read More