Dog is sole survivor of Colorado plane crash

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In Broomfield, Colorado, a private plane crashed shortly after taking off from the Erie Municipal Airport on Sunday. The two pilots on board perished in the crash, but a seven-year-old pit bull named Chata survived, and miraculously the dog suffered no serious injuries. Chata fled the scene of the accident before first responders arrived.

According to 9News, a Good Samaritan spotted the dog wandering around in a neighborhood near the airport. They rescued the dog and took her to a nearby shelter until a member of the family picked her up and brought her to Arrowhead Animal Hospital for treatment. Chata belonged to one of the pilots who would take her up in the plane and even had earmuffs for her for noise control while flying.

Chata only suffered minor injuries which included sore muscles and a laceration behind her ears.

No one knows how Chata survived the plane crash, but she has since been returned to her family bringing comfort to those left behind.

(Photos screenshots via KdvrNews video)

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