Golden retriever carrying her ‘stuffie’ on plane has our hearts smiling

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Meet the beautiful Emma – a Golden retriever from Las Vegas who loves to travel with her stuffed animal Penny. In a recent video that went viral on TikTok, Emma, a service dog, is seen carrying Penny in her mouth as she boards the plane. Needless to say, her heartwarming walk towards the plane’s boarding door went viral.

On an Instagram video, posted by Ilovegoldenretrievers, the crew melted when they saw Emma.

or on Instagram:

Needless to say, Emma was the hit of the boarding procession, and this time it was all for happy reasons filled with positive gestures and comments:

“She’s the best behaved passenger on that plane!”

” I was at an airport that was there training about 50 pups to grow up to be service animals… it was amazing to witness the training and honestly their presence and calmness radiated through the terminal (people couldn’t be sh!t heads around them…lol).”

“So cute. She has her teddy and is patiently waiting for her turn to board. I think a few humans could learn from her. Love this video.”

Of course, there were reservations about petting Emma; she was so hard to resist, but working dogs need the respect and focus to do their jobs properly. We are sure Emma would not have minded getting pets and scratches, but we’re pretty sure she prides herself on the awesome job she does for her mom.

Now to be added, Emma’s owner did tell us that her pup doesn’t need her “stuffie” to travel, but isn’t it just too sweet?

You’re the best Emma, and thank you for your service.

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What an experience.

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