Man’s best friend?: Clark left to die in dumpster behind school

If dog’s are man’s best friend, how could it be that someone abandoned Clark by tossing him into a dumpster in a rural corner of Blakely, Georgia? The terrified pup was left after having been … Read More

Puppy suffered horrific injuries from owner’s abuse

In North Tyneside, Newcastle, United Kingdom, a puppy suffered horrific injuries after his stoned owner bit the dog on his face multiple times. The eight-month-old Staffordshire Bull terrier, named Diesel, was seized by authorities after … Read More

Puppy rescued after his head trapped in rim of tire wheel

In Austin, Texas, an adorable black puppy had one scary day after his head became trapped in the rim of a tire wheel. The Bastrop County Fire Department along with a local animal rescue group, … Read More

Dog repeatedly shot during 911 medical emergency call

A man’s Labrador retriever was repeatedly shot during a 911 medical emergency call in Gulfport on Friday. The dog’s owner, Spencer Armstrong, claims there was no reason for the police to shoot his dog.

According … Read More

Help: Heartless owner dumps 7-pound dog with huge tumor

We can’t look away at a helpless senior whose owner dropped her at a high-kill Texas animal shelter with a huge tumor. For eight years little Doris had been loyal to her family; tragically her … Read More

Adorable chihuahua makes U-turn when its time for his medicine

Somewhere in Northern Territory, Australia, an adorable chihuahua has the habit of making a U-turn when its time to take his medicine. A video, captured earlier this week, shows tiny Sox trying his best to … Read More

Psychology professor listed the 19 least intelligent dogs

A psychology professor from the University of British Columbia listed the 19 least intelligent dogs. Using data from Stanley Coren’s “The Intelligence of Dogs,” the breeds were sorted by their obedience intelligence out … Read More

Local man find Yorkie puppy in zipped plastic bag

A young Yorkie puppy was very lucky when a local man found him on a country road in Co Longford stuffed into a zipped plastic bag. The abandoned Yorkshire terrier was found in a “frozen … Read More

Louisiana senate approves bill banning sex with animals by 25 to 10 vote

The Louisiana state senate approved a bill banning having sex with animals by a 25 to 10 vote. The bill now goes to the House of Representatives, and will make sexual abuse to an animal … Read More

Woman threw shepherd out of car, kicked him and then tried to run him over

The RSPCA is asking for the public’s help identifying the woman witnessed by an onlooker of throwing a German shepherd out of her car, kicking the dog three times and then trying to run the

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