Family dogs almost died after neighbor used rat poison to kill squirrels

In Bloomfield, Colorado, a family’s dogs almost died after ingesting rat poison spread around by someone in the neighborhood  to kill squirrels. According to the Denver Channel, dog owners, Michael Hendricks and Joan Yates … Read More

More than 160 Pomeranian dogs rescued from truck in Nevada

In Las Vegas, authorities discovered more than 160 Pomeranian dogs abandoned in a U-Haul truck on Wednesday evening. Investigators believe the 164 dogs were abandoned in the 3000 block of Tonto Street in Sandy Valley … Read More

Woman devastated after her dog was fatally mauled at boarding facility

A Florida woman is devastated after her beloved dog was fatally mauled at a boarding facility in Gulf Breeze. Mylania Wilson took her Pekingese, Mimi, to the April Shower’s Pet Grooming business before Thanksgiving and … Read More

Owner neglected once beautiful Basset Hound and then dumped her

Once upon a time, a beautiful Basset Hound made her family proud; a patient breed known for their intelligence, their loyalty and their incredible hunting instincts. Sissy had that distinct look; being low to the … Read More

In Defense of Animals campaigning for federal anti-tethering laws

 We have all heard the age-old adage that a dog is man’s best friend. But is man dog’s best friend? Each summer we hear countless stories of dogs dying from heatstroke or dehydration. In winter … Read More

Puppy tied in garbage bag rescued from hellish death

An animal lover walking his own rescue dogs in Greatham near Hartlepool, County Durham in the United Kingdom came upon a black plastic garbage bag on the side of the road Tuesday morning. Strangely enough, … Read More

Firefighters rescue trapped dog from huge tortoise hole

In a Phoenix, Arizona suburb, a dog chasing a cat found himself in a rather precarious situation, or at least his owner thought so, on Wednesday, after running into a tunnel which had been dug … Read More

Dozens of dogs ill from ‘bone treats’: FDA issues warning

More than 90 dogs have been reported falling ill to “bone treats.” As holiday celebrations pick up speed, the Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning for dog owners.

According to the FDA, there … Read More

New York man accused of using shock collar to make dog scream out in pain

In Mastic Beach, New York, the Suffolk County SPCA detectives have charged a dog owner with animal cruelty. According to the Suffolk County SPCA press release, Brian Hills, 41, faces misdemeanor animal cruelty after … Read More

Body cam of Red Bluff cop shooting 2 St. Bernard dogs not released

The body cam video of a Red Bluff police officer who shot and killed a family’s  two St. Bernard dogs will not be released. According to Action News, the incident which occurred two weeks … Read More