Senior Cocker Spaniel surrendered – family had no time


On July 31, a senior Cocker spaniel was surrendered to the Carson Animal Services facility in Gardena, California. Her family told staff at the facility that they no longer had time for their 10-year-old dog.… Read More

Autistic little girl’s seized canine pal, Darla to be returned home

In a heart wrenching scene, the Lancashire Police removed an autistic little girl’s dog from the family home on Norfolk Street, Lancaster last week, contending the pup was a pit bull-type dog which is banned … Read More

Humane Society removes more than 120 animals in suspected puppy mill operation

In Libby, Montana, more than 120 animals including dogs, donkeys and birds were removed from a suspected puppy mill operation announced the Humane Society of the United States on Tuesday in a press release. Libby dog

After … Read More

Dog dead after being forgotten in animal control vehicle

A family’s dog is dead after he was forgotten inside of an animal control vehicle in Henderson, Nevada. According to Tuesday’s News 3 LV, the nine-year-old  Shih-Tzu, “Mr. Chops,” escaped from his owner’s yard … Read More

Two dogs dead – believed to have been thrown over cliff

Screenshot (854)

Two dogs in Oʻahu, Hawaii, are dead and the way that their life may have been taken is unbearably cruel. According to Monday’s WISH TV, it is believed that someone threw the dogs … Read More

Lancaster prison opens it gates to rescue 50 deaf dogs from raging fires

In Lancaster, California, the prison has welcomed in nearly 50 dogs from the Deaf Dog Rescue as 37,000 acres Sand Fire continues to burn in the  Santa Clarita Valley Mountains, reports Fox News. Deaf dogs rescued

The dogs … Read More

Driver beaten by outraged witnesses for dragging dog behind moving car

In an outrageous act of animal cruelty occurring on Monday in Weihai, China’s Shandong province, witnesses tried desperately to intervene after seeing a tethered dog running after a vehicle, reports AsiaOne. China dog dragged behind car 2

In a viral video, … Read More

Dozens of dog beds donated to lonely and sad shelter dogs

If you could ever could join me as I walk down the aisles of animal shelters, like me, you may not remember the color of their coat or if their ears stood up or flopped … Read More

Texas man accused of killing puppy while high on drugs

A man in Austin, Texas, is accused of killing a puppy that he adopted from an area rescue agency. According to Dallas News,  23-year-old Joshua Fortier allegedly forced his adopted puppy,  “Kano,” to consume … Read More

Former guard sentenced to jail for throwing dog out of seventh floor window

A former security guard was sentenced to six-months in prison on Monday  and ordered to pay a $1,000 fine for throwing a family’s dog out the window of his seventh floor Birmingham Tower apartment, reports … Read More