Small dog confronts mountain lion separated by porch door but both curious about each other

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In Grand Lake, Colorado, a 13-year-old Shih-Poo spotted an unusually large kitty cat on the other side of the porch last week. On December 2, the dog’s owner arrived home and spotted a mountain lion approaching her glass door and pawing on it as her small dog watched with interest.

According to Yahoo News, the dog’s owner Sarah Bole shot the video of the strange event, even though she admits she had been a bit “shaken” by the scene of the mountain lion seemingly fascinated with her own reflection in the glass and the presence of the tiny dog.

The dog, named Dash didn’t show any fear of the visitor, and it almost seemed as if he wanted to be friends. Throughout the video, we can hear Sarah calling for the dog, but Dash is way too interested in the cat to move and even wagged his tail, but never barked. A few minutes later, the mountain lion turned around and walked away.

At that moment, Dash started barking and jumping up and down excitedly. Maybe Dash was just showing the mountain lion he was the boss?

Bole knew the wild animal was safely on the other side of the glass door, but one has to admit – that can be a bit scary.

Check out the video:

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