Sweetest 6 month old malnourished puppy found wandering the streets continues to fight for life

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At the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, six-month-old Bruce could use as many kind words and wishes of encouragement as possible. Just two days ago, Bruce had been wandering the streets of Detroit severely malnourished. Fortunately, it had been two Good Samaritans who spotted him struggling to walk and stand and reached out for help.

Bruce has been at the rescue organization’s partner emergency veterinarian hospital where he continues to receive supportive and life-saving care. When he arrived at the hospital, the puppy’s body temperature was extremely low, was was dehydrated and had barely been able to stand.

And now two days later, this sweet puppy continues to struggle as he so wants to live. At this time, veterinarians are doing further testing to determine if there is more going on with Bruce than starvation and neglect.

No one is giving up on Bruce, and this little guy didn’t deserve this during his short lifetime.

We will be checking back. Meanwhile sending lots of goodwill and love for Bruce’s recovery.

Donation towards Bruce’s continued care can be made by going to Detroitpitcrew.com or through their Venmo account @Detroitpitcrew.

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