FROM HOSPICE TO HERO: Tiny ‘talkative’ Tango saves the day

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This isn’t your average underdog story. This is the tale of Tango, a pint-sized pup with a heart of gold and a bark that packs a punch! This brave little hospice foster dog from the Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL) is being hailed a hero after his alertness thwarted a break-in, proving that even senior dogs with medical conditions can be incredible companions and protectors.

Tango, despite being in renal failure and having a heart murmur, is full of life and fiercely devoted to his foster family through the shelter’s Golden Paw Hospice program. The program was established to provide the best end of life care for cats and dogs diagnosed with a terminal condition.

His foster family affectionately call him “talkative” due to his constant barks that announce everything from passing squirrels to the mailman. Last weekend, his “talkativeness” became his superpower!

Late on Sunday night on February 25, an intruder targeted the family’s home. But they hadn’t counted on Tango’s vigilance. The moment he heard suspicious sounds, Tango erupted into a furious barkfest, alerting his family to the danger. This courageous canine’s loud barks scared the intruder off, saving the family from a potentially terrifying situation. Thankfully, the family was unharmed, and only a few minor items were stolen.

While the experience left the family understandably shaken, their love for Tango only grew stronger. As a special “thank you,” they offered their hero a forbidden treat – a French fry! But Tango, ever the dignified gentleman, demanded cuddles instead.

Tango’s story perfectly exemplifies the ARL’s Golden Paw Hospice foster program. This program provides loving homes for senior pets with terminal illnesses, ensuring their golden years are filled with comfort and affection. Despite his medical needs, Tango clearly thrives in his foster home, demonstrating the exceptional quality of life possible for hospice foster pets.

Inspired by Tango’s heroism? Open your heart and home to a deserving senior pet! Learn more about the ARL’s Golden Paw Hospice foster program and how you can make a difference at

Can’t foster? You can still be a hero! Help cover medical expenses for hospice foster pets like Tango by donating to the ARL and mentioning “Golden Paw Hospice” or “Tango” in the reference field. Visit to donate today!

Together, we can ensure every senior pet gets a loving forever home, filled with cuddles and free from fear.

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