No one wanted adorable Luna with facial deformity until kind hearts stepped up to help

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Many hearts broke over the story of Luna, a precious puppy with a facial deformity who was surrendered to a California shelter. Scheduled for euthanasia, Luna’s luck changed when Cage to Couch, a dedicated animal rescue organization, stepped in to save her life.

While Luna’s journey hasn’t been easy – her deformity makes breathing and eating difficult – the resilient pup is surrounded by love and medical care at Cage to Couch.

This is Luna’s Story

At just seven weeks old, Luna arrived at the shelter with a fractured skull and a broken jaw. These injuries, coupled with a cleft palate, significantly impacted her ability to breathe and eat. Sadly, due to her condition, Luna was overlooked by potential adopters.

Luna is missing A LOT of teeth. It’s possible due to the injury that they were damaged and her body absorbed them, or they’re there and will come in eventually, or they’re there and damaged and need to be extracted. They need to put her under to do x-rays to know for sure but, because she’s young and they may come through, we’re waiting.

So surgery is on the calendar for June, putting it off a while to let her teeth come in, if they’re going to.

Because she’s young… we wait.


And how adorable is Luna? Check out her brief video clip:


Luna…always with the questions☺️ You can vote for Luna for #americasfavoritepet Voting is free! Winner will be on the cover of Modern Dog magazine and $10K … Luna will be gaving surgery to repair a hole in her palate. Surgery estimate is $11K so winning would sure be great!! Link to vote in comments!! . . #slightlyaskew #pittiepuppy #pittietok #cagetocouch #soulmate #whatsasoulmate

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(Luna didn’t win, but there’s always next year!)

Cage to Couch Refuses to Give Up

The team at Cage to Couch, known for their unwavering commitment to all animals, refused to let Luna’s challenges define her. They took her in, providing her with the medical attention and TLC she desperately needed.

A Fighter With a Heart of Gold

Despite her physical limitations, Luna is a true fighter. With supportive care and treatment from the University Veterinary Center, she’s slowly gaining strength. Cage to Couch describes her as a “sweet and sensitive” pup, a testament to her unwavering spirit.

Update on Luna in general: She sees the vet every couple of weeks, about every time we panic when she seems just too congested. The doctor is trying to keep her off antibiotics so when she needs them, she’s not resistant, but we worry it’s become pneumonia and take her in for a quick check.

She is very popular at @uvcvet so she’s always welcome

It’s just a matter of pushing out surgery to let her grow and managing her medical issues until then.

Luna is a very sweet dog, boisterous and fun and starting to learn some basic civilized-society behavior like, “sit” and “down.”

She’s surrounded by beagles so she’s a little bit beagley


Hope for a Happy Ending

While Luna’s future includes specialized surgeries and ongoing medical care, Cage to Couch is determined to find her a loving forever home. They believe the right family will see beyond her deformity and recognize the extraordinary dog Luna truly is.

How You Can Help Luna

Spreading Luna’s story can significantly increase her chances of finding a perfect match. Share this article on social media and let your network know about this special pup. Financial contributions to Cage to Couch can also directly support Luna’s ongoing medical needs.

Together, we can help Luna find the happy ending she deserves!

For more information on Luna and Cage to Couch Rescue, please click here.

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