Two teens arrested in Oklahoma City in connection to disturbing animal abuse video

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In Oklahoma City, police have arrested two teens in connection to a disturbing online video showing the juveniles punching, kicking and throwing two puppies and later making threats towards Deer Creek Middle School.

According to Fox News, the video posted Sunday on SnapChat was extremely graphic and very disturbing. The school administration responded with the following statement on Sunday after the incident was brought to their attention:

Sunday afternoon, Deer Creek School District administrators were made aware of a circulating social media video involving two of our students indicating potential animal abuse. We immediately reported this information to law enforcement for further investigation and will continue to assist them in this matter.

Via Fox News

The investigation into the animal cruelty incident has involved both the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare Superintendent Jon Gary and the OKC Police Department.

On Monday, officers were able to locate one of the juveniles and arrested him after another video had been posted online with threats to the school. Police seized guns at the home of one of the suspects. A second juvenile was taken into custody on Tuesday. Both teens face felony counts of animal cruelty.

Authorities seized three puppies, including the two pictured in the videos and two adult dogs. All five dogs are reported to be in good condition after being examined by a veterinarian. The puppies suffered minor injuries and are undernourished, but expected to make full recoveries.

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  1. Disgusting behavior and cruelty……. Well on the way to becoming serial killers……. What kind of parents are raising these monsters???


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