Poor Sal is losing hope with few options in rural South Texas shelter

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Sal needs immediate rescue or an adoption offer. According to volunteers at Nueces County, TX:Dogs in Need of Rescue, Sal has until Tuesday, September 5, before he is scheduled to be euthanized.

The staff has him listed as a terrier mix, but he seems to be part shepherd or cur. Thus far, he has received two parvo and distemper vaccines. He has also been started on flea and tick prevention. Sadly, the shelter is full, and the longest residents are the first ones to be put to sleep.

His photo, appearing to be praying, has garnered viral attention, and we can only hope this helps him to find a rescue organization, foster or adoption offer before his time his up. Please share his plight, and help Sal to see many tomorrows; not just one more day at a hopeless animal shelter.

Follow Sal’s story and rescue efforts here.

For more information call: (410) 608-2195.

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