UPDATE: Dog abandoned at SoFi stadium for Metallica concert

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This is one for the books. The Akita lives right across the street from the concert hall she escaped her home and somehow got into the concert picked a seat and watched the whole concert. I guess she likes Metallica.

At the SoFi stadium located in Inglewood, California, Friday evening brought more than 80,000 fans to watch the Metallica concert. Everyone seemed to enjoy the concert, but someone seems to have intentionally abandoned their dog in the middle of the stadium.

When discovered, it appeared the dog had been left sitting in a seat, and she had been there, likely waiting for her owner, for hours. According to the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation, the dog was then taken to a local shelter; at this time rescuers are attempting to pull her from the shelter to insure her safety.

Who can even rationalize why any responsible dog owner would bring their dog to a rock concert? Imagine the noise, and imagine how scared this dog may have been? The very sweet and friendly dog appears to be an Akita and German shepherd mix. At this time, a foster home is needed.

Why would someone take their pup to a concert? Why were they let in with a pup? Why would you abandon the pup there? Did they think lots of people so dog would be quickly taken to safety?

Looks like such a good baby sitting there and waiting. Didn’t think their person would leave and stayed waiting.

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If anyone recognizes this dog, please contact Animal Hope & Wellness by clicking here.

This is a developing story. Updates to follow.

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  1. Love it!!! My dogs like Metallica too (they “rock out with the zoomies”)…… they used to howl at Michael Jackson songs, lol!!!


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