German shepherd tethered with her 2 puppies rescued from freezing cold and inhumane conditions

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In Philadelphia, a German shepherd mother and her two puppies lived within the security fences of a tire shop. On Monday, officers from the Philadelphia Police Department arrived at the Pennsylvania SPCA to report the shepherd in trouble. While they had been on a call, they came across the injured dog tethered to a dog house – her two puppies shivering in the cold.

The PSPCA Animal Law Enforcement officers were dispatched to the location, and what they saw was heartbreaking. The once beautiful German shepherd mother dog had access to a heated dog house and water, however she had been badly injured and in excruciating pain. She had visible wounds, her front right leg was swollen, and the dog limped.

Winter’s Past Life

The owners of the garage surrendered the mother dog and her puppies to the PSPCA. This had been a former location where the animal welfare and rescue organization had visited numerous times in the past, and other dogs had been rescued. Charges had been filed against the owner, and everything possible had been done. Despite the efforts in the past, however, the cruelty and neglect continued.

The mother dog, named Winter, was rushed to the organization’s veterinary care. She has scabs all over her body, legs and the bridge of her muzzle. She also has an infected wound on her right front leg causing her pain and to limp. Her overall condition was described as thin, dirty; unkempt with straw and grass encrusted into a once luxurious coat.

Winter’s Present Life

Winter’s wounds appeared to have been the result of bite marks, and although the organization and their staff may never know how all of this happened, the dog is now receiving the best of care, and perhaps for the first time in her life is being showered with love and attention.

Winter and her puppies have since been relocated to the organization’s affiliate site, Main Line Animal Rescue where they will continue their recovery; in a space where she and her puppies can safely run and play until they are all ready to find loving homes.

Check out Winter’s video:

It is no secret that Winter has had a hard life. It is probably hard for her to relax. But, we are doing everything we can to let her know that she is safe now. She will be cared for. She will recover.

And her babies will grow big and strong.

Learn how you help Winter, her babies and dogs just like her:

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