German shepherd puppy’s brave fight for her life after suffering severe acid burns

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At the Westside German Shepherd Rescue in Los Angeles, a puppy continues to fight for her life after the rescue organization jumped at the chance to help, after receiving a call from an animal shelter that the puppy had been burned with acid.

The puppy’s name is Zara, and she was rushed to the emergency veterinarian hospital where her burns were worse than expected. Once the necrotic tissue had been removed, Zara’s paws were raw flesh and some of her foot pads were gone. The puppy will be returning to the hospital every three days to have the dead tissue removed and her wounds treated and rewrapped.

Tragically, that isn’t the bad news. It has also been discovered that Zara suffers from an enlarged heart. She will be examined by a cardiologist for an echogram, and it is hoped the puppy is a candidate for surgery.

As we all know, the testing procedures are very expensive, however rescuers want to give this puppy every chance to grow up and enjoy the life she should already be sharing with everyone who has already fallen in love with her.

Zara is just a puppy and needs our help. Please share her story.

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BY VENMO: @WestsideGSR PIN: 8909


Westside German Shepherd Rescue

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Updates to follow.

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