Freight train collided with and killed herd of elk

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In Washougal, Washington, a freight train traveling along its normal route, collided with and killed a herd of elk on Thursday morning.

According to WeauNews, none of the animals survived the collision. The train was operated by BNSF Railway. The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife reported at least 24-26 elk had been in the herd.

A spokesperson for the railway stated they had used their whistle and that they had tried to stop, but there wasn’t sufficient time. The collision occurred between Highway 14 and the Columbia River and said to be a remote area amid farmlands.

Neighbors in the area reported having seen a herd of elk in their backyards a few days before the accident, and said the animals are very quiet and do not cause any issues. Watching the herd is a great way to teach children about wildlife. The Department of Fish & Wildlife stated none of the animals survived.

Sadly, people in the area were “shocked and devastated.”

Rest in peace sweet wildlife. It just seems too often mankind just cannot share this planet with wildlife – who have just as much right to be here and live quietly and free as we do.

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  1. How heartbreaking……. RIP elk herd….. so sorry humans have failed to keep our train tracks safe for wildlife……


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