‘Emma’ really needs a friend or she is going to die at overcrowded shelter in Georgia

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Meet “Emma” – her situation is being labeled “Code Red” and in the dog shelter world, that designation means no tomorrow, no future and no loving home.

In Cedartown, Georgia, at the Polk County, GA Animal Adoption and Recovery Shelter, Emma has been very frightened having to be in a loud, scary environment after being surrendered by the family she loved.

She’s trying so hard to be sweet. And playful despite her odds. Especially considering, this may be her last week of life.


When Emma arrived at the shelter, she was emaciated and extremely scared of everything. The staff and volunteers have worked with this dog and have been able to nurse her back to health. Isn’t she so pretty?

And now Emma needs someone to love her; she needs a home where she can regain her self-confidence and feel loved. She needs to be rescued, and Emma needs to find out for herself that most humans are good.

Please share Emma’s plight; her time is running out. Share her story with friends, family and social media contacts. She needs a rescue plan as soon as possible. We are her only chance of having a future.

Please respond to 1215 Veal Street in Cedartown, Georgia and call 770.749.8908.

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  1. I am heartsick for this precious treasure. She deserves to live with a loving furever family who will treasure her for her entire life!!!

    I just wish we had more time to try to save her😢😢😢


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