Colorado family’s 900 pound pet water buffalo ‘Moochi’ missing

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A Colorado family is heartbroken and are hoping someone can help them find their pet 900-pound water buffalo.

In the town of Agate, Colorado, the family of Laura Perry, continue to search for their 14-month-old water buffalo named Moochi. It is possible she just wandered off, but there are questions as to whether or not she was stolen.

Now the family has turned to the internet for help. In a Facebook post, Laura Perry stated local livestock auction houses and the local sheriff’s office have been notified. The family has been using drones and have hired an organization of volunteers that specialize in tracking down stolen livestock. The family has offered a “very large” reward to anyone who can find Moochi.

We have hired Stolen Horse International-NetPosse Missing and Stolen Equine to help us in the search for Moochi . Yes we know the realistic side to this but WHAT IF … what if she is out there and we need to find her . We are leaving NO stone unturned and if she’s out there we WILL find her

THANK YOU to EVERYONE that has shared and reshared . You ARE making a difference .

If you have a sighting with someone please call Elbert co sheriff dept in colorado . If you have a loose sighting please call the number on the poster in the video . It means SO much to us for the help we have received so far


Moochi is described as being very sweet and trusting of people. Her family said they wouldn’t be surprised if she loaded herself onto a trailer without a second thought. A tire mark was found in front of a gate the family never uses. As for Moochi’s physical features, she looks similar to a cow, but her nose is longer. She is buff color and also has 12-inch horns that curl backward.

“Absolutely no trace, there’s no trace of her,” owner Laura Perry said. “There’s no footprints outside of the fencing. We have nothing.”

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Anyone with information is asked to call 720.854.4990. Please help this family find Moochi and hope for her safe return.

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  1. I pray that Moochi is found alive and returned to her family. I hope the POSs who took Moochi are found and locked up forever (lose the keys, please)…….. I wish for only the best outcome for this family and their precious Moochi.

    Sadly, there are POSs who steal hoofed livestock and butcher them for “under the table” deals. Unfortunately there are horses and cattle that are butchered in their pastures. It’s beyond cruel and inhumane. I don’t understand why these POSs think they have the right to steal other people’s livestock and butcher them???

    If my precious horses were butchered, I’d be hysterical and would want to do the same to the POSs who murdered my horses……..

  2. Sadly, per Facebook, Moochi was recently found deceased.

    Hugs and condolences from the Peters’ Menagerie to Moochi’s family on their tragic loss.

    Moochi, we know that you are in Heaven. Please look for Sailor (one of our beloved horses). He will show you all the best grazing areas.


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