Breeder puppy born with deformed legs surrendered to shelter because she was ‘no use’ to them

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At the Michigan Animal Rescue League, the breeder of a five-week-old pit bull, surrendered the puppy because she had been born with deformed paws on her back legs. The shelter named her Ophelia.

The deformed puppy was of “no use” to the breeder, and even though puppies should remain with their mothers until they are at least eight-weeks-old for life lessons best taught by their doggy moms and littermates, Ophelia was not to have that privilege. The shelter stated she had been born without her back paws and instead had “tiny little toes that barely protrude” from her legs.

This was Ophelia’s video from May 19, 2023 when she first arrived:

It had been volunteers who took turns bringing Ophelia home with them at night to feed her and help her socialize with other dogs as well as humans.

Needless to say, the kind rescuers, staff and volunteer at the no kill shelter provided Ophelia with the additional enrichment and encouragement she had been deprived of when she was taken away from her mother. She has been adapting to her disability and has been building strength in her back legs.

Check out Ophelia’s TikTok adorable video:

Ophelia has been in a foster home where she is doing very well. Perhaps her temporary parents will become what we affectionately label “foster failures” and adopt her? That’s what happens when we fall in love.

So not everyone is born perfect, but isn’t that what makes us all stronger? Wishing you a long and happy life Ophelia. You certainly deserve it.

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