Three teens arrested after killing and eating beloved village’s swan caring for her babies

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In the Syracuse, New York state suburb of Manlius, three teenagers have been arrested after they allegedly stole, killed and ate one of the beloved swans from a village. Iconic swan Faye and four of her cygnets had been reported missing after a Memorial Day parade, and residents in the town were besides themselves with worry.

Katya Waters

According to LocalSYR News, on Tuesday, the Town of Manlius Police reported that the swan named Faye had been killed over the weekend. An investigation led to the initial discovery of two baby swans spotted in a nearby store in Salina, and authorities were notified.

One suspect, who worked at the store confessed to having stolen the swan. The other two cygnets were found at one of the subject’s home in Syracuse.

Unfortunately, the investigation led to the discovery that Faye … had been killed over the weekend.

The teens initially believed the swan was just a large duck.


Not only was Faye killed, but she was eaten by the family of one of the suspects.

Three teens were arrested and face charges of grand larceny and criminal mischief. Two of the suspects, aged 16 and 17 were released to the custody of their parents. The third teen, age 18, will be arraigned; he has been identified as Eman Hussan.

The teens had snuck into the pond area “in the middle of the night” and attacked the bird while she had been nesting. After they killed Faye, they brought her body back to one of the relative’s home where she was then cooked and consumed.

The four cygnets have been rescued and are now in the care of a biologist. The teens told authorities they had planned to raise the baby swans as pets and had no plans to eat them.

Manny, Faye’s mate, Manny, was was not harmed in the attack. He will be removed from the water before the now four-week-old cygnets are returned to the pond. Swans mate for life, and it is feared Manny could become “combative” if he encounters the young swans.

Hunting swans in not legal in New York. Manlius has been known for their swans for more than a century, and the pond has served as a local landmark with the image of a swan on the signs and banners across the village.

Rest in peace Faye.

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  1. Totally disgusting!!! I am not an expert on birds, but even I know that a swan is NOT a large duck…….. these juveniles, their parents and the aunt all deserve to be heavily fined, jailed and must do community service work.

    I feel very sorry for the survivor mate and the cygnets who must all do without their mate and mother…….

    I hope that a new mate can be found for the survivor mate (yes, I know that swans mate for life, but I have heard of situations where the survivor mate meets a new mate and continues)…..


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