‘Bond of loyalty and affection’ over dog slated to be euthanized by Harrisburg shelter concludes with dog enjoying life

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The Dauphin County District Attorney Fran Chardo never charged the shelter volunteer who took Pursuit from the Humane Society of the Harrisburg Area for removing the dog from the shelter without permission. Swatara Township police closed the case after Chardo determined criminal prosecution “was not in the public interest.”

The story centered around a likeable four-year-old American bulldog that had been the longest resident at the Humane Society in Harrisburg. When it was announced Pursuit would be euthanized on Monday, February 13, volunteers at the shelter were stunned at the decision and insisted the dog had adapted well to shelter life and had not been given a fair chance.

In response, the shelter enumerated their reasons for the decision and listed the background as well as the incidents on the dog’s time at the shelter. His caretakers, however had not seen any signs of stress; Pursuit seemed to take life at the shelter in stride, and loved the attention he received from the kindhearted volunteers. In addition, Pursuit had not been given any behavior training as other dogs who had in the past also displayed similar personality issues.

And on that Monday – the day Pursuit was scheduled to die, while animal advocates protested in the front of the shelter, one of the volunteers removed Pursuit from inside of the shelter, loaded the dog into her car after speaking to the police and left.

Since then the shelter and the volunteer had been negotiating an agreement that would have permitted Pursuit to be transferred to a rescue organization and receive specialized training that would eventually help him find a home.

According to Penn Live, no agreement has been made, which means Pursuit will “remain in the care of his rescuers and discussions will begin regarding adoption possibilities.”

The pursuit of ‘pursuit’ is apparently over. Past threats of criminal prosecution and other sanctions have failed to break the bond of loyalty and affection between Pursuit and his human friends.

Roger Laguna Jr. Esq for volunteer who has Pursuit

It is not known where Pursuit has been living, but he is stated to be in a home where he plays, runs and gets treats in a private back yard. The shelter states they are happy to hear that Pursuit is doing so well and “wish him a lifetime of toys, treats, belly rubs and love.”

Many thanks for everyone who worked hard to save Pursuit.

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