Abandoned pup found tied to a pole with heartbreaking note ‘he’s not aggressive’

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While the leaves have changed into Mother Nature’s most vibrant colors, an abandoned older dog waited for his special someone to return at the corner of Greenwich and Third Ave in New Haven, Connecticut. No matter how beautiful the day or how beautiful the street looked, it had to have been the saddest day ever for Chico; his best human friend had abandoned him on Wednesday leaving the following heartbreaking note:

Please take care of him his name is Chico. he’s not a (sP) agressive dog


The older Chihuahua mix had been left tied to a pole. According to a neighborhood citizen, Chico had been seen with a homeless woman.

Although it is never acceptable to abandon a pet, and the responsible action would have been to bring the dog to an animal shelter, animal advocates expressed mixed emotions on the social media page asking for help with Chico.

…Compassion please. It was a homeless woman’s companion not left to roam and get hit be a car…


Unfortunately, we do not have the information relating to Chico’s owner and why this little guy was abandoned, but now it’s time to help this little one get over this fear and provide him with the best care, love and future possible.

If interested in learning more about Chico, please contact the New Haven Animal Control and reference #2039468110.

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  1. I would adopt this precious little treasure in a heartbeat!!!!! He is welcome to join our pack of rescues😀😀😀

    How do I get him to me in Washington state???


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