19-year-old pup Annie had been given one month to live but enjoyed life entire year to complete bucket list

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Annie was a 19-year-old black Labrador retriever who had been surrendered to an animal shelter in June 2022. When she was advertised for adoption in Dallas, Texas from the Pawerful Rescue, the dog had not been eating or drinking; veterinarians had given her little more than one month to live.

It had been Lauren Siler, who spotted Annie’s photo and decided she would be the one to give this poor, confused dog some love and care.

None of us can ever be sure how fate plays its role, but Lauren and her roommate Lisa Flores, had plans for Annie, and obviously Annie had plans for them. And instead of passing on to the Rainbow Bridge after only a month, Annie lived for a year and in that time checked off an impressive bucket list.

Annie’s Instagram followers exceeded 37,000, and her fun adventures included a car ride, swimming, birthday party, Christmas in July and the list continued. On Valentine’s Day, Annie received more than 500 valentines. She also tasted homemade treats, hosted a baby shower, painted and even went on a hamburger tour.

And Annie soon learned how wonderful companionship and love were from her constant beloved humans and all the great humans and pets she met along the way. All that activity and fun, however did require some naps accompanied by snores, walks for bathroom breaks and of course sniffing the mail.

she lights up when fan mail packages arrive. it’s hilarious! she genuinely smiles and loves getting mail.


Sadly, Annie died last week, one day post her 20th birthday, after being rushed to the emergency room with a distended belly. Her condition required immediate surgical intervention which was not an option for such an elderly dog.

With all the love in our hearts we collectively have for our senior pets, we hope that you will consider fostering and/or adopting a senior pet. Siler and Flores hope Annie’s story inspires other to rescue animals and give them a chance.

Hundreds of annies are sitting in a shelter right now. waiting for someone to step up and care for them.


Rest in peace Annie.

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  1. I am VERY happy that Annie had a wonderful life with her rescuers😀😀😀 I am always grateful for people who adopt senior furbabies (my husband and I are both suckers for senior Chihuahuas and have adopted them for our menagerie)……. Reading about Annie’s list of “honey dos” it’s clear she had an amazing life!!! I hope more people will give seniors a chance; they are wonderful companions and add richness and warmth to your life.


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