Young heroes use their own ingenuity to help injured puppy

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At the Cape of Good Hope SPCA in South Africa, heroes come in all sizes. Matthew Hahm, 11, Thorne Davids, 10, and Alex Jacobs, 9, arrived at the shelter carrying the side of a baby car seat with an injured puppy needing immediate help.

According to the animal welfare organization, the youngsters had been playing in the garden with Thorne’s puppy, Bruno, when a stray dog ran up to the children and the puppy with intentions to attack. The frightened puppy ran into the street as the ferocious dog chased him. The kids ran towards the street and reached Bruno, but he had already been hit by a vehicle; the driver never bothered to stop.

The quick thinking boys were able to take down the vehicle’s license plate, while their prime focus was to get Bruno help. And so they carefully wrapped up the bleeding puppy in a towel and used the only thing they could find to transport him for the 30 minute hike to the SPCA.

The boys would trade off carrying the make-shift stretcher, and refused to give up until they reached their destination. And when they arrived, the staff was there to help.

Thorne broke down and cried. As if that wasn’t enough to break all of hearts, Bruno eyes never left Thorne’s face … no matter which direction he was facing during the veterinary examination, his little head was always turned towards Thorne. When pain made him a little snarly and snappy, it was only Thorne who could calm him so that our onsite veterinarian Dr. Stephen Spamer could finish his initial assessment. Trust like that is only born from loving care.

Cape of Good Hope press release

Bruno has had to stay at the veterinarian hospital to treat his injuries. Fortunately the puppy had no broken bones, however his damaged paws are still being treated where bone was exposed. Veterinarians are doing everything they can to save Bruno’s paw, and that does mean a long hospital stay. It is not known what financial position his young owner is, but this brave young lad is only 10-years-old and could use the help of kind people who admire him for his bravery and for the pure love of his puppy.

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