Woman’s English bulldog who went missing five years ago found 1000 miles away and are now back together

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A woman from New York had been devastated after her Old English bulldog named Azzurra Diamente disappeared five years ago. On Tuesday, the dog’s owner Jen Costa was reunited with her best four-legged pal.

Finding her dog and being reunited has been a miracle for Jen.

I am so overwhelmed I started crying my eyes out as I was driving… Bruno was always my guardian angel. He passed away not even 4 months ago. Once his soul left he was able to go find Azzurra. He led her where he knew she’d be safe and taken care of til I was contacted. I’ve heard nothing about her since the last day I saw her 5 years ago.. and now Bruno just passed in August and she’s coming home to me in January!? Tell me God ain’t real!!

Jen Costa to Dogspotting

Azzurra Diamente went missing after Costa’s father had been caring for the dog while Jen underwent surgery after she had been hit by a car and temporarily lost her ability to walk. She spent hours trying to locate her dog, and during 2016 and 2017, Jen’s life had been a real challenge.

I’ve been living with my grandma for a few years now. I was homeless living out of my car and she let me stay and I’ve been there ever since. Of course I want my own place but realistically I cannot afford an apartment in NY or anywhere really. I’ve been on SSI since I was 19 after being hit by a car and losing the ability to walk for some time.. I have no real work experience and I am now permanently disabled from the cancer and mental health issues since going thru all of this.. simply put, it’s not that I don’t want to bring her home.. I just can’t.. it’s not my house and my room is very small as it is. I’m thankful I was allowed to bring pancake home. I’m trying to find a place maybe in Florida but that has not happened yet.

Jen Costa to Dogspotting on Facebook

It seems someone had picked up Azzura with no plans of finding where he belonged even though he had a microchip and a collar – at least not until last week when Jen received the following message:

Jen had been sitting in a barber shop when she checked her email and saw that her dog had been found in Henderson, Tennessee – more than a 1,000 miles from where he went missing five years prior. Animal Control had picked the dog up as a stray roaming the streets, and they were able to trace his owner.

Jen packed up and made the 16-hour trip to Tennessee to be reunited with her dog. Hopefully the two will live happily ever even though Jen still has a lot to figure out.

(Photos via Facebook)

Huge thanks to Chester County Animal HospitalFriends of City of Henderson Animal Control and Jan Morris

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