Owner called Kiry a ‘nice dog’ as she dumped him at crowded NYC shelter after 10 years

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The last words that Kiry heard from his owner at the New York City Care Center in October 2021, was “he’s such a nice dog.” And minutes later Kiry’s fate was sealed – he was surrendered to an overcrowded shelter, who although they do their best to help find homes for these forgotten dogs, too few ever leave by the front door with their new families.

His owner stated she was surrendering him because he “may” have a heart murmur, but if that was the reason, it was a pretty lame one because a lot of heart issues can be easily regulated with a pill.

Today, Kiry is scheduled to be euthanized.

She thought he was ‘so nice’ that he lived outdoors and slept in a dog house in the backyard. And she fed him an unknown brand of dog food in a small bowl only once a day. Kiry watched the world go by imagining what life would be like if he was loved the same way as the little dog who lived inside. After a life of loneliness, Kiry has waited three long months at the shelter to go home, but nobody ever picks him.

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Volunteers at the shelter try very hard not to have favorites. Every dog deserves a home, but Kiry seems to have wiggled his way into that tiny, extra-love sentiment. His advocate tells us more:

I try not to have favorites, but with Kiry that rule quickly went out the window. He waddles over to greet me with his tail swaying back and forth and his face soft and happy. Our interactions are full of wiggles and waggles and plenty of kisses, and I especially love how he dances into my legs, then sits at my feet looking up with the cutest expression that lets me know he’s ready for his cheek and chin rubs!

This sweet, affectionate senior spent his life mostly outside and slept in a doghouse in the backyard. We’re told he’s often anxious when left alone; panics during storms and fireworks; and is only partially house trained (though he’s had impeccable habits at the shelter). Kiry may be 10 years old, but he’s still full of energy – enjoying brisk walks, tug games, and fetch. He knows sit, come, and stay, too! This big lovebug is looking for a cat-free home where he can be an indoor member of the family. He’d also love help managing his separation anxiety and improving his leash manners (he’s a puller). Meet sweet Kiry!


Check out his video:

And how about this adorable video?


Kiry is playful, outgoing, friendly and relaxed with everyone he meets. He has a big, happy, inclusive heart and loves attention and affection. He adores walks, he loves playing with balls and toys, and he knows many commands. The only thing he did not excel at, and it is because his parents left him outside and NEVER taught him, is house training. But Kiry is so eager to please his human friends and such a fan of treats, that training him will be simple – yes you can teach old dogs new tricks!

Additional information:

INTAKE DATE: 8-Oct-2021
KIRY, ID# 127882, 7-10 yrs old, 76 lbs, Neutered Male
Brooklyn ACC, Large Mixed Breed, Tan / White
Owner Surrender Reason: MEDICAL CONCERNS
Shelter Assessment Rating: LEVEL 3
No children (under 13)
No cats
Single-pet home
Recommend no dog parks

Kiry’s likes and dislikes:

Kiry is often anxious when he is left alone. During storms and fireworks, he is nervous, will hide, is terrified and panics and tries to escape. Kiry is friendly when his food or bowl is touched while eating and when his bone or treat is taken. He is not bothered when his toys are taken away, when he is pushed or pulled off of furniture, when he is held or restrained or when his rest is disturbed. Kiry is friendly but may growl when he is being bathed. He is friendly when he is brushed and when his nails are trimmed or his feet are touched. Kiry will bark when a stranger approaches the home or the person he is with.

For additional information about Kiry, please click here.

Share this boy’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. His life is about to end today, but WE can all make a difference and give this sweet dog a chance to live a full and happy life.

TO SAVE KIRY #127882, please post on THREAD, PRIVATE MESSAGE OUR PAGE, or EMAIL US at NYCDogsLivesMatter@gmail.com

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