Woman devastated by loss of her 15-year-old dog that ended up in Hilary Swank’s lap

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In Albany, New York, Chelsea Blackwell’s 15-year-old dachshund, Blue disappeared on Monday. Panicked and absolutely devastated, Blackwell started driving around asking everyone she could find if they had seen a small brown dog.

According to Syracuse.com, when she drove up near the Greyhound Bus Station, she spotted a long line of vehicles and a crowd of people with cameras in the area. At first, Chelsea thought someone might have been shot, but thankfully that wasn’t the situation. Instead she had met up with a movie crew filming.

Chelsea asked around if anyone had seen her lost dachshund, and when one camera person told her a dog fitting that description had been found and a celebrity had been holding the pooch on her lap, she was both overjoyed and stunned. One hour later, Blue was about to be returned to his owner – there he was sitting in Hilary Swank’s lap in the back of a gray car.

Hilary posed with Chelsea for a Facebook photo with the following note:

I’d stopped and asked if someone seen a little brown dog? A man walked over to my car and said, yes, this woman picked him up. I said who? He replied, a celebrity. He called the person who had him. And they said she’s on her way back. You’ll never guess who had him?

Chelsea Blackwell

Hilary is no stranger to dog rescue. Her foundation, The Hilaroo, “is the brainchild of two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank, whose soul was so tenderly touched by a little dog with a big heart named Karoo.” Her program aims at matching abandoned dogs with children.

There were no hints on what movie Hilary was filming.

(Photo via Facebook)

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