Terrified puppy picked up by animal control and no one knows where she belongs

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A 10-month-old terrified puppy curls up in the corner of her shelter cage at the Carson Animal Care Center in California, and no one has yet arrived to claim her and reassure her that having been out in the streets roaming by herself was just a horrible accident; her worried owners promising the little one she will never have to be frightened again.

Sadly, her family has not yet arrived, and on Saturday and after she is spayed, this adorable Chihuahua will be available for adoption. We can’t take her pain away of losing her family, but we can join together and share her story so her new home will promise her a much better life. Please share her plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

Check out her video:


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“I’m an approximately 10 month old female Chihuahua. I am not yet spayed. I have been at the Carson Animal Care Center since 6/7. You can visit me at my temporary home at C322.” Follow here.


🔹 AGE:10 months female


Carson Shelter – 310-523-9566

OPEN 2pm-5pm, WED 2pm-7pm and located at 216 W Victoria St. Gardena, CA 90248.

Follow the National Pet Rescue for the latest news and updates.

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  1. tamara beinlich says:

    Only Carson could be so cruel as to put this tiny baby in this dog run without a warm bed and blanket. I’ve seen them do this before with tiny dogs. I think they get their jollies terrorizing chihuahua’s. Carson has cages for small dogs but torturing little dogs surrounded by barking big dogs is so fun for them. By the time she gets out of there she’ll be so traumatized it’s take months of a foster to work with her. Carson and San Bernardino!

  2. tamara beinlich says:

    I looked for a update hoping someone who lived in the area took her a little bed and blanket, no such kindness and no update.


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