Video of clever beluga whale retrieving a ball goes viral AGAIN

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Over the weekend on Twitter page Fascinating, a very clever beluga whale has intrigued online viewers after devising his own “Moby trick” to retrieve the ball he had been playing with after it popped out of his tank onto the ledge.
Fans of the whale called this ” an outside the box thinking.” The undisclosed aquarium showed the beluga rising to the surface and studying his favorite toy on the ledge – just out of his reach. Just when the probability of getting his ball back, the whale shoots a jet of water from its mouth and aims it directly at the ball. And the ball moved! So what’s a clever whale to do? Of course, he repeatedly sucks in air, rises and continues to shoot water at the ball until it bounces and rolls within mouth retrieval range.

Once the ball is close enough, the whale reaches over, grabs his toy in his mouth and disappears back into his pool.

Screen grab

Although there were many people who applauded the beluga for his ingenuity, there were a fair share of twitter followers who did not think a beluga belonged in a tank and asked that he be freed out into the ocean where he belongs. The 20 second video has garnered 4.7 million views, 125.8k likes and more than 625 tweets.

Check out the Whale Sanctuary for more information, but the following is definitely worth thinking about before visiting any sea park where whales are being held captive in tanks.

What will it be like for a whale at the sanctuary to swim along the sandy ocean floor after decades in a barren tank with only a painted blue concrete floor beneath them?

Imagine what an entirely different world it will be for an orca or beluga whale to explore a lush, dynamic ocean floor, with seagrasses, seashells and critters to discover.

The Whale Sanctuary Project

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