Ten-year-old girl survives snowstorm and freezing temperatures by cuddling with stray dog to stay warm

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A 10-year-old girl survived a night of freezing temperatures during a snowstorm in Russia by clinging to a stray dog to keep her warm. Vika Z. was found with frostbite, hugging the “fluffy” abandoned pooch by police and volunteers the next morning.

According to the Daily Mail, Vika lost her way home after returning from school in Uglegorsk in Sakhalin where temperatures had plunged to less than 12 degrees fahrenheit. The blizzard produced more than two feet of snow with drifts piling up to the first floor of some homes.

After an 18-hour intensive search by police, volunteers and rescue workers, Vika was found “hugging a fluffy dog for warmth.” The two had been lying on a mattress which had been put out for stray dogs and left under a covered porch providing some shelter from the falling snow.

Vika was rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors were treating her for mild frostbite.

Interesting enough, Vika loves dogs and often played with the local pets where she lived. It is believed she had gone to feed the dogs after school and with the snow and high winds became lost.

There are plans to honor the dog, but so far he has not been found. The dog’s breed has not been verified – only that he was very fluffy.

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