Serval cat with broken leg had been on the loose for several days is now safe with Boston rescue organization

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On Tuesday, the Boston Community Outreach team were notified about a limping Serval that had been spotted several times over the last few days in Lincoln, Massachusetts. When a local resident called and said the African cat was in his back yard, the rescue team mobilized in order to capture and help the cat.

According to MSPCA-Angell, it is illegal to own a Serval as a pet in Massachusetts. It is not known how long this cat, now named Bruno had been roaming on his own, but he is thin and his leg has a critical break which occurred several months ago.

Fortunately, Bruno is now safe and is receiving pain medication and will be x-rayed to determine if his broken leg can be repaired.

The rescue organization is working with the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife to determine appropriate permanent placement for Bruno.

Bruno is not available for adoption. To contribute for his care, please click here.

Check out the video:

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