Owner reunited with her pup missing since November thanks to microchip

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At the Thomas J. O’Connor Animal Control and Adoption Center in Springfield, Massachusetts, there was a joyous reunion on Saturday afternoon for the Walker family after they arrived to pick up their beloved dog Reilly; their dog who had been missing since November 2021.

Earlier in the day, Animal Control Officer Robichaud had received a call about a stray dog tied to a tree in Van Horn Park. When the officer arrived, she found Reilly and brought him back to the shelter where the pooch was checked for a microchip. The officer was pleased the dog had the chip and contacted the veterinarian office that had implanted the chip and discovered that Reilly had been missing for the last six months.

And to add to the story, the Walker family live nearly two hours away from Springfield in Connecticut and had reported their dog missing after a lawn care company had left the gate in the backyard unlatched, and the dog escaped. No one knows how Reilly ended up being so far away from home.

During Reilly’s stay at the shelter, staff reported the dog was not very social and not particularly interested in making friends, however when his owner showed up, Reilly’s entire demeanor changed; his enthusiasm for his mom showed just a few moments after he realized that his mom was there.

The family is so relieved and happy to have been reunited with their dog, which hopefully reminds everyone to make sure your pets are microchipped since they can’t tell us where they belong when they are lost. It is also the law to report stray animals to local animal control – again that could reunite a pet with their rightful owners.

Welcome home Reilly; lots of gears working together making sure you found your rightful home.

Check out the video of the reunion:


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