German shepherd born with 6 legs and extra reproductive organs now a healthy seven month old pooch

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No one expected a German shepherd born with six legs, four testicles, two colons, two bladders, two pelvises, plus an extra penis to ever survive. The rescue puppy, named Raga was taken to the VCA Advanced Veterinary Care Center in Fishers, Indiana last year when he was a newborn, and miraculously, after several operations, is now a healthy seven-month-old active pooch.

According to Newsweek, the rescue organization brought him to the VCA hoping to see if he had a chance of surviving. Gina Elliott, the veterinary technical advisor, didn’t think so at the time. The puppy’s worst problem was his fecal matter had been sent to his second penis requiring him to be on strong antibiotics. None of this seemed to hold Raga down though – he loved to run and play; his extra two attached legs conjoined in his back area dragging behind him.

And so the veterinary hospital agreed to foster the puppy when he arrived, actually thinking he would only survive for a few days, but Raga had different plans, and it wasn’t long before the hospital started mapping out a way to help the puppy live. First surgeons removed the puppy’s two useless legs and his extra pelvis.

Months later, the next surgery involved removing some of his unneeded organs including an odd kind of penis and accompanied urinary tract. Surgeon Dr. Nicholas Vechhio and veterinarian Dr. Jae Tobias had never operated on a dog with two penises and so many multiple organs, but “followed the rules of surgery” and Raga survived again.

The last operation will include removing his last two testicles which are embedded in his abdomen. Throughout Raga’s surgeries and recuperation time, Gina continued to foster the puppy and then decided to adopt him.

“We’ve spent so much time together, we’ve gone through a lot together and we’re very much attached. I decided that he was already home.”

Gina Elliott Newsweek

Check out the video – awesome to watch.

(Photos via screenshots from video)

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Rolling over and playing dead in the lobby where this cutie lives.
The two have a special bond.

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  1. tamara beinlich says:

    Parasitic twin was what happened to this little guy. It can happen when 2 fertilized eggs share a amniotic sac or 2 sperm fertilize one egg. One fetus absorbs the other and it continues to grow. A boy in China had 32 teeth and a mouth growing out of his head. It’s believed Elvis had part of a parasitic twin, who died at birth. When Elvis died his colon was twice as long normal and had months old feces back up into him. Back then people didn’t talk about such things and medical records of his birth are sealed.


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