Outpouring support for fostering terminally ill dog to show him the best days he has left

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In Niagara Falls, New York the Niagara SPCA reached out on Monday hoping for a foster home for a terminally ill dog named Lloyd; a senior pup who came into the rescue organization as a stray and his owner never showed up to take him home.

“We would love to find a foster home for Lloyd who will help him fulfill a bucket list. Take him to the beach, take him for ice cream, a burger or lay with him in the grass on a sunny day. All the things that a good ol’ boys deserves. Failing a foster for whatever time he has left, we’d happily let those approved “check” Lloyd out for the day.

We can’t bear the thought of euthanizing Lloyd until we know he’s ready. Right now, he’s happy and loves life.

Worse yet, we can’t bear the thought of Lloyd spending his final days in a kennel. No dog deserves that, but especially a good, loyal boy like Lloyd.

If you are interested in being Lloyd’s full-time foster or even if you’d like to spend the day with Lloyd, please email us at [email protected].

We’d love for Lloyd’s final days to be photographically chronicled. We plan to work on a little project to help more dogs like Lloyd in the future.

Lloyd loves people and doesn’t mind dogs. We don’t know how much time Lloyd has left- he could be with us for 3 weeks or 3 months.”

Niagara SPCA

Lloyd’s illness is terminal. He has cancer along with end stage kidney failure and a large tumor on his hind leg; his time is limited. Lloyd has been at the shelter for two weeks, and it is the intention of helping Lloyd have “the best he ever had” for all the time he has left. Maybe Lloyd could go to the beach? Maybe he could taste ice-cream? Those were just a few of the suggestions someone who wanted to take Lloyd home could indulge the sweet old guy.

Well… it worked. On Wednesday, the Niagara SPCA posted an update after hundreds of calls and emails from people interested in giving Lloyd the most wonderful time left to his life.

Rachel stepped up first, and boy did Lloyd enjoy his day. So far he’s feeling just fine, and hopefully he will continue to live a joyous life:

The Adventures of Lloyd: Day 1.

Lloyd enjoyed a day with Rachel from The Plant Shack yesterday and we’re told many stopped by to say “we’re here to see Lloyd”.

He spent the day being greeted by all of his fans and was showered with as much love and pets as he could handle. He also made sure all of the sidewalk cracks were thoroughly “watered” (side effect of kidney disease) and gratefully accepted a nice ice cream treat on a hot day. Lloyd came back to the Shelter ready to settle in for the evening so it seems Lloyd’s first day of adventures proved to be a really great one!

Check out Lloyd’s video:


Please everyone who has reached out to be Lloyd’s new family to be patient. With more than 200 calls and emails who want to hang out with Lloyd, the Niagara SPCA will get back to everyone as soon as possible.

It is not known how long Lloyd will be with us. It could be three weeks or three months, but everyone is hoping he will experience lots of fun and lots of love.

Instead of euthanizing Lloyd because he’s old and his days are numbered, Niagara SPCA staff, volunteers and our incredible animal-loving community came together to make Lloyd’s final days the absolute best of his life by creating a bucket list for him; sending him on a new adventure and meeting new people every day. The goal is- to spoil Lloyd… ridiculously.

Niagara SPCA

Be kind. Take a cue from Lloyd and enjoy everyday. Life is just so precious.

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