Missouri woman accused of burying dog alive after zip-tying her back legs together

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A Cape Girardeau, Missouri woman faces animal abuse charges after the dog she adopted was found starving and near death after she is alleged to have buried her alive.

According to Fox5News, Breanna Austin’s Labrador retriever had been found as a stray on February 19, and was picked up by animal control. The dog, named Pepper had been microchipped and weighed 47 pounds. Austin showed them proof of her owning the dog and took her home.

One month later, Pepper was found near a pond with her back legs zip-tied and buried alive. Southeast Missouri Pets were notified and asked to help. When discovered Pepper weighed just 30 pounds.

Austin, 19, was confronted by Cape Girardeau Police Department officers and claimed she thought Pepper had died when she buried the dog. She denied using zip ties.

Austin stated she woke up on March 19 to find Pepper died. She took Pepper out to a pond near Cape Rock and buried Pepper. Stated she was 100 % positive Pepper was dead when she was buried. Austin denied knowing anything about zip ties.

Cape Girardeau PD

Surprisingly Pepper remains very sweet and trusting. The staff at Southeast Missouri Pets believe Pepper knows everyone is there to help her.

Austin is presently being held in the Cape Girardeau City Jail.

(Photos via screenshots Kfvs12News)

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