Hero family dog protected two young girls who were lost in the woods for hours

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In Folsom, Louisiana, a golden retriever named Artemis has been credited as a canine hero after protecting two young girls who lost their way in the woods behind their home on Monday.

According to the girls’ mom Mary Bourg’s Facebook page, her daughters Abigail, 7, and her sister, Cecilia, 4, had been playing in the backyard when the dog Artemis ran into the woods. The girls followed their dog and eventually became lost.

The community quickly gathered to help the frightened parents find their children, and more than a hundred area residents and local law enforcement joined in the search. ATVs and helicopters were soon deployed.

And it was Artemis who started barking at anyone getting close to the girls that alerted authorities of their exact location. By 9:30 that evening the children and Artemis had been reunited with their family.

Artemis never left the girls side. He also wouldn’t let the rescuers near them. Good job Big Brother!


Artemis is truly a hero dog, and for a reward he was rewarded with a steak dinner. As we hoped, no one was hurt and everyone was happily reunited.

…Also, so grateful for our hero Artemis, our golden retreiver. The helicopter first spotted some movement and sent a search crew in their direction. And then Artemis heard people coming and started barking making it much easier to find them. He even growled at the police at first because he was protecting our babies.

Every highway in the area was lined with hundreds of people to search. Y’all I have hundreds of calls and messages from people asking how they can help and telling me that they’re praying for us. I can’t get to everyone to say thank you. Friends, family, and even pastors from our church just started showing up at our house to help and pray with us.


Good dog Artemis.

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